AquaNox 2: Revelation plot details

JoWood releases details pertaining to the storyline and characters that will feature in its upcoming submarine combat sequel. New screens inside.

JoWood Productions has today released new information on the central characters and storyline that will feature in AquaNox 2: Revelation. Like the original AquaNox , the game is set in the year 2666 when, after years of destruction, Earth's continents are no longer inhabitable and humans are forced to make a new life for themselves in the oceans.

Players will assume the role of a young freighter pilot named William Drake who is, unsurprisingly, getting bored of spending his youth trawling the oceans and delivering food and supplies to the outposts. Drake craves adventure, and his naiveté and impatience see him getting into dangerous situations on occasion, but, fortunately for him, this also results in his meeting a beautiful fighter pilot named May Ling. The pair become involved in increasingly deadly battles with enemies under the waves, and, as the game progresses, we're told that May Ling begins to fall for the charming freighter pilot.

AquaNox 2: Revelation is currently scheduled for release in March. For more information, check out our AquaNox of the game.

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AquaNox 2: Revelation

AquaNox 2: Revelation