AquaNox 2: Revelation mission details

JoWood Productions releases details on the mission objectives and bonuses that will be featured in its upcoming submarine combat sequel. New screens inside.

JoWood Productions has today released new details concerning the mission objectives that will be featured in AquaNox 2: Revelation. There will be 30 main missions in the game, along with no less than 70 bonus missions and objectives that won't be compulsory but will reward players who take the time to complete them.

The main missions in the game will often consist of more than one objective, so what begins as a routine patrol could turn into a dogfight with a single enemy, escalate into a huge battle, and then finish up with the player pursuing escaping enemies in the vast oceans. Other missions will involve elements of stealth, sniping, and reconnaissance.

The bonus missions in the game will be available only to players who discover them, and they might be anything from a one-on-one battle with a powerful enemy to being required to capture a rare vessel from a heavily guarded enemy outpost.

AquaNox 2: Revelation is currently scheduled for release in the first quarter of 2003. For more information, check out our previous coverage of the game.

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