AquaNox 2: Revelation enemy AI details

JoWood Productions releases new details concerning the enemy intelligence of its underwater action sequel. New screens inside.

JoWood Productions has today released new details concerning the artificial intelligence of the enemies players will face in AquaNox 2: Revelation when it's released early next year. The development team's goal has been to make the enemy vehicles behave in as humanlike a manner as possible, and, according to today's press release, they've achieved just that.

Enemies in AquaNox 2 will purportedly ambush players when they least expect it, take up advantageous positions during dogfights, and perform intelligent evasive maneuvers if they come under fire. Players will also find themselves coming under attack from enemy snipers who, if they've turned off their vehicles' engines, won't be detectable using sonar and will have to be located by sight. JoWood also claims that enemies in the game will actually be able to analyze the fighting style of a player and react accordingly. So, for example, if a player is continuously strafing, the enemy might switch to a weapon that sprays bullets rather than struggle to keep up using a slower or heavier weapon.

"The enemies within AquaNox 2: Revelation are so highly intelligent that they've probably all got degrees from Oxford," said Colin Grant, marketing manager at JoWood Productions. "Their actions are so mind-bogglingly realistic that we seriously doubt that you'll believe they're all computer controlled. They'll bob and weave, they'll attack and defend, and then they'll have a few major surprises in store for you."

Currently scheduled for release early in 2003, AquaNox 2 will also feature ground vehicles that are capable of burying themselves and then springing out of the ground to ambush players as they pass. For more information, check out our previous coverage of the game.

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