Andy McNab: Team SAS details

Rage Software releases new gameplay information on its upcoming military action game for the Xbox. New screens inside.

UK-based Rage Software has today released new gameplay information on Andy McNab: Team SAS. The game, which is being developed under the guidance of highly decorated SAS soldier and best-selling author Andy McNab, allows players to assume one of four different roles in an SAS team engaging enemies in a dense jungle environment.

The four different roles available to players are jungle warfare scout, long-range sniper, heavy weapons support, and team commander, and it was revealed today that the game will feature a cooperative mode in which up to four players can each assume a different role on the team. In the single-player game, other team members will give instructions to the player--although following them is optional.

Enemies in the game's 12 missions will include soldiers, armored troopers, heavy weapons, snipers, grenadiers, and elite black ops, so players will need to be tactically aware of what's going on around them at all times and skilled with their chosen firearm. Locales in the game will include primitive villages, ruined facilities, twisting canyons, and Aztec ruins, in addition to the dense jungle--which boasts moving foliage, shafts of sunlight, and volumetric fog, among other things.

Andy McNab: Team SAS is scheduled for release late this year. For more information, check out our previous coverage of the game.

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