Android-powered microconsole Gamestick launching October 29

PlayJam's 2-inch $80 console releasing next month across the world at retailers like GameStop and Amazon.

PlayJam's $80 microconsole Gamestick will launch at retailers across the world on October 29, the developer announced today.

The Gamestick is a Kickstarter success story and has moved from paper to production in nine months. The USB-enabled console was originally targeted to launch in June, but was pushed back to meet "stringent QA targets."

Those who backed the Gamestick's Kickstarter campaign will receive their units ahead of the October 29 launch. These units will ship at the end of the month before the global rollout in October.

Powered by Android, the Gamestick features an ARM Cortex A9 CPU and a Mali 400 GPU, as well as 8B of onboard storage and a Micro SD slot. The system also features built-in Wi-Fi, 1080p playback, Bluetooth 4.0, and "full parental control" with content filters.

Included with every $80 package are one Gamestick console, one Bluetooth control, a power adapter, and all other cables needed to get the system running. The console is available to preorder today through Amazon and GameStop, among others.

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