And 1 Streetball hits the blacktop

Ubisoft looks to avoid faking the funk on a nasty dunk with its Xbox/PlayStation 2 street-baller game, due in late 2005.

Ubisoft today officially announced its entry into the street-sports genre, And 1 Streetball, which had been revealed as part of the company's E3 lineup. The PlayStation 2 and Xbox blacktop basketball title is based on the over-the-top, between-the-legs, off-the-head antics of the And 1 Mix Tape Tour.

And 1 Streetball will feature ballers from the Mix Tape Tour including AO, The Professor, Spyda, and Pharmacist, each with the signature moves and look that make them popular attractions on the tour. But if hopping into the sweaty sneakers of Helicopter or Hot Sauce sounds less than appealing, players will also be able to create their own baller, right down to the showboating signature moves.

Story mode players will create a character and jump straight onto the Mix Tape Tour on ESPN, where they will have to showcase originality and appeal to the crowd in addition to working on the fundamentals in order to become a streetball legend.

And 1 Streetball will also offer customizable game settings, allowing players to run one-on-one half-court matches, five-on-five full-court games, and anything in between. An online multiplayer mode and a soundtrack of unreleased songs (just like the ones on the And 1 Mix Tapes) round out the package.

Ubisoft also revealed the tentative release date of And 1 Streetball, which is scheduled to arrive in stores this holiday season.

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