Anarchy Online gets mission overhaul

Funcom makes major graphical and content changes to the mission system in its futuristic online RPG.

Norway-based publisher Funcom has announced that Anarchy Online's live servers will be updated today with one of the biggest changes the online RPG has seen since its launch in 2001. The mission update will introduce new graphics for the mission areas, which are nonpersistent locations that are dynamically created for individuals or groups on a quest. Anarchy Online's mission system is designed to avoid making players camp specific locations on the world map and to provide more-varied gameplay.

The update will overhaul the graphics for the mission areas and add more-interesting layouts, larger rooms, and an improved view distance. New dangers, including mines, cameras, and gun turrets, will be introduced to spice up the gameplay. The update will also add a new loot system that will reward players with special items for defeating certain monsters.

More details on what the update will introduce can be found on the official Web site. For more on Anarchy Online, check out our previous coverage of the game and its upcoming Shadowlands expansion.

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