An esports first, movie studio Lionsgate will sponsor the next MLG and Twitch StarCraft 2 tournament

Film studio Lionsgate is teaming up with Twitch and the MLG to put together an Ender's Game Blu-ray StarCraft 2 tournament with a $10,000 grand prize.

In a first for the esports community, film studio Lionsgate has partnered with Twitch and the MLG to present the first film sponsorship of a gaming tournament. According to esports site onGamers, 32 of the best StarCraft players are going to be competing in the Ender's Game on Blu-ray Tournament.

The grand prize for the tournament will be $10,000, and, we can only assume, copies of Ender's Game on Blu-ray for everyone else. The first round will run from February 5 to February 9, culminating in the finals on February 22.

So, why is a movie studio partnering with MLG and Twitch for a StarCraft 2 tournament at all? Lionsgate executive VP of marketing, Anne Parducci says, "The skills used to develop battle leaders in Ender’s Game are drawn from real world gaming, especially the types of skills used by premier tournament-level players. We are excited to partner with Major League Gaming and Twitch, both leaders in the esports world, to present this unprecedented movie tie-in aimed directly at those who take gaming seriously."

The playerlist for the Twitch portion of the tournament according to onGamers includes:

  • Chris ''HuK' Loranger
  • Paulo 'CatZ' Vizcarra
  • Choi 'Polt' Seong Hun
  • Kim 'Violet' Dong Hwan
  • Gage 'Sasquatch' DuBose
  • Chad 'Minigun Jones
  • Brandon 'puck' Qual
  • Alex 'Neeb' Sunderhaft
  • Conan 'Suppy' Liu
  • Bailey 'Bails' Thomas
  • Max 'Astrea' Angel
  • Kevin 'qxc' Riley
  • Chris 'Illusion' Lee
  • Zifeng 'hellokitty' Wang
  • Libo 'xenocider' Chang

The MLG portion will feature:

  • Sasha 'Scarlett' Hostyn
  • Tyler 'NonY' Wasieleski
  • Juan Carlos 'MajOr' Tena Lopez
  • Geoff 'iNcontroL' Robinson
  • Sam 'Kane' Morrissette
  • Ryan 'State' Visbeck
  • Marc-Olivier 'desRow' Proulx
  • Henry 'hendralisk' Zheng
  • Danny 'ViBE' Scherlong
  • Maru 'MaSa' Kim
  • David 'avilo' Blowe
  • Victor 'Hitman' Lin.

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Unfortunately, the Ender's Game movie garnered as much attention as this article, if the amount of comments is any measurement. Too bad, that movie didn't seem so bad, but I haven't seen it since there are lots of other better movies to watch.


something tells me this isn't a good thing


Awesome great to see the big boys on board


Starcraft 2 is dead anyway, Blizzard think it's okay to leave the game broken for 2 years so they can fix it with the expansion pack, now teams have disbanded & heaps of pro's have quit, good job Blizzard, adding new content for free to improve the game was too much to ask


I loved Ender's Game, best story I seen in a long time!


@HaloinventedFPS Starcraft 2 dies out because it is getting old. Newer games like Dota 2 and Heroes Of The Storm are taking players away from StarCraft 2. Even with the new expansion pack SC2 is still a old game now. Dividing the campaign into 3 different expansion pack was a stupid move. Money grabbers and its no wonder people stops playing SC2. 

In Warcraft 3 you could play Human, Undead, Ord and Night Elf Campaign. It was a complete game.

SC2 you first play Terran. Buy expansion pack in Order to play Zerg. Buy Expansion again in order to play Protoss. No wonder they are losing players. Blizzard only cares about $$$$$$$ and tries to earn them by dividing up a complete game into 3 parts of incomplete games.


@HaloinventedFPS  What are you even talking about? Why is it broken? Don't throw accusations around without some serious details. Why is it broken? Sure the crowd isn't as big as before but that doesn't mean the game is dysfunctional, balance is a never ending process my friend.


@PodXCOM  if you liked the movie, you have to read the book. 20 times better.


@Xatsuna  I was with you until you started saying Starcraft 2 wasn't a complete game. You can play as every race in multiplayer mode and, let's be honest, playing online is the main reason almost everybody interested in the game bought it.

In each expansion, there are a lot of missions and it IS a complete game. Yes you only play (mostly) one race in the campaign, but they are not shortening the game, they just are focusing on one at a time. I am a protoss player and that expansion isn't even out yet but I really liked the campaign of the first expansion.

What race you are playing in the campaign doesn't make the game bad or greedy. It is only a choice that you don't agree with, and that's perfectly fine. It doesn't make Blizzard greedy (not for this, anyways) because the game is as long and fun as their other games in the genre.

I really do not understand your arguments because the point of the game is the multiplayer and you can play with all 3 races. If the focus was the campaign, I might have agreed with you a little more, but I don't know anybody that plays Starcraft who wanted to get the game for the single player. They are the minority. And like I said, it WAS a good campaign anyways (for a RTS, anyways). 

Anyways, I agree with your other points though. The game is getting old and even hardcore fans are moving on. It's pretty normal. Blizzard's mistake was not to make 3 games, it was to wait so long between each one, people had time to lose interest. 

I was a big fan of playing the game and watching tourneys. But I haven't done either in a year, and I am not the only one. Not because the game is bad or I wanted to play protoss in single player. Only because I am tired of playing the same game for 3 years.