America's Army 1.6 patch released

The latest version of the Army's tactical shooter adds new features.

America's Army: Operations version 1.6 is now available and makes a few enhancements to the US Army's game. The updated version adds a new ballistics system that calculates projectile penetration and ricochets for added realism. There's also a new mission type, as the "radio tower" rescue mission has players defend or rescue a group of internation aid workers. The update also marks the transition to a more recent version of the Unreal engine that's expected to pave the way for additional content updates, but it also means that there is no official patch to update version 1.5 of the game to version 1.6.

GameSpot Complete members can down version 1.6 from the link below. For more details on America's Army, check our previous coverage of the game.

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