American McGee's Oz lives

The iconoclastic designer says his game is still being shopped to publishers.

Speaking with GameSpot today, American McGee contradicted recent reports stating that his game American McGee's Oz has been canceled. "We're not going to consider Oz dead until every other extension to it is dead," said the controversial Alice developer.

McGee said the Xbox version of the game, which is loosely based on the Wizard of Oz books, is being shopped around to publishers. Initially, Oz was to be published by Atari, who partially funded development. However, the publisher backed out of the deal in early 2003.

Currently, there is a toy line based on McGee's Oz universe and an upcoming book due from publisher Warner Books. An option for a trilogy of Oz-based movies is also held by legendary producer Jerry Bruckheimer. In addition, McGee revealed that he recently signed a deal with Key 20 Publishing to bring out a paper role-playing game based on Oz.

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found this thru alice 2 any other news on Oz or is it lost forever