Altered Beast Impressions

Sega's Wow Entertainment is working on a new game based on the old Altered Beast arcade game.

Though the game isn't playable here on the show floor at E3, Sega is running a short video of Wow Entertainment's upcoming action game, Altered Beast. The game is a 3D take on the old arcade game, featuring a full range of movement. Not too much was shown, but the game's camera perspective and general look remind us of Sega's recent update of Shinobi.

The original Altered Beast was all about collecting power orbs that would morph your fighter into a creature with extra attack powers. The update definitely has a few different creatures in it. We saw a ice-breathing yeti creature, as well as the dragon, which appears to have retained its electricity-field attack from the original game.

Altered Beast is scheduled to come to the PlayStation 2 in 2004. No word yet on if the game will ask you to "rise from your grave."

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Altered Beast

Altered Beast