AirForce Delta Strike takes off

The third installment in Konami's combination role-playing game and air-combat actioner has shipped to stores.

Konami announced today that AirForce Delta Strike has shipped out to stores. The self-developed PlayStation 2-exclusive title is the third installment in the AirForce Delta series, following AirForce Delta Storm (for the Xbox and Game Boy Advance) and AirForce Delta (for the Dreamcast and Game Boy Color). AirForce Delta Strike is rated "T" for teen, retails for $39.99, and should be landing on retail shelves shortly.

AirForce Delta Strike is set far in the future, when two rival factions battle for international supremacy in the skies. Players will assume the role of an ace fighter pilot who is given command of a Dirty-Dozen-esque squadron of misfit aviators. The game's role-playing element features stories dealing with the various characters, whose personalities also come out during the game's combat missions. AirForce Delta Strike also features realistic air combat, and supports the flight-sim-fan-favored Logitech Flight Force joystick (sold separately). For more on AirForce Delta Strike, lock onto GameSpot's preview.

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AirForce Delta Strike

AirForce Delta Strike