Age of Mythology goes Hollywood

Microsoft will be showing a trailer for Age of Mythology in movie theaters nationwide.

Microsoft has announced that it will be showing a cinematic-style trailer for Ensemble Studios' Age of Mythology in Loews Cineplex movie theaters nationwide between October 18 and January 10. The trailer, which was created for Microsoft and Ensemble by Hollywood production company The Ant Farm, will appear on 1,500 screens across the country, before such big-budget movies as Die Another Day, Red Dragon, and Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers. Those interested in watching the trailer without having to pay for a $9 movie ticket can go to Ensemble's Web site and download it for free.

Age of Mythology, which recently went gold, is Ensemble's first 3D real-time strategy game, and it's scheduled for release on November 1. Take a look at our previous coverage of the game for more information.

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