Adventure Company puts Still Life in motion

Adventure game from Microids coming to Xbox and PC in April; time-jumping title lets gamers play criminal investigator.

The Adventure Company today announced that it will publish the adventure title Still Life for the Xbox and PC. The game is being developed by Microids and is scheduled for release April 14.

Still Life jumps between two time periods, 1920s Prague and modern-day Chicago, and sees gamers playing as two characters. When in Prague, gamers will play as gumshoe Gus McPherson. When in Chicago, gamers will play as Gus' granddaughter Victoria McPherson.

The story begins when Victoria, who's hunting for a dangerous serial killer, comes across five gruesomely murdered corpses and a heap of circumstantial evidence. Things get more complex when she discovers an old case file of her grandfather's. Full of eerie coincidences, the file leads Victoria to believe that the two cases may be related.

The craft of detective work in both time periods will be limited to period-specific technology, allowing gamers a firsthand look into the techniques used today and in the past. Players will have to test their fears and problem-solving abilities as they unravel the mysteries of macabre crime scenes.

Still Life is rated "M" for Mature. For more information, be sure to investigate our previous coverage of the game.

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