Additional Outrun2 details and images

Sega releases more information on the sequel to its arcade classic.

Sega has released additional details and images from Outrun2 for the arcade. The latest update by Sega confirms that there are four game modes scheduled as was previously reported. There will be an Outrun mode that plays similarly to the original game, a time attack mode, a versus mode for simultaneous competition, and a quest mode--now called "heart attack mode"--where the player gets to choose a woman to ride "shotgun" in the passenger seat while attempting to grant her wishes and acting as her chauffeur. Driving ability in quest mode will determine storyline outcomes.

Similar to the original Outrun, the Outrun mode in the updated game will have branched routes after the first stage. Outrun2 will begin from a stage named Palm Beach and will then split into two routes, named Deep Lake and Alpine. The stages will then continue to break into more routes until the player eventually achieves one of the five different game goals.

Three of the Ferrari vehicles set to appear in Outrun2 have been officially confirmed by Sega. The Ferrari F50, the Ferrari 365GTS/4 Daytona, and the Ferrari Dino 246GT will be among the several cars available for racing.

Two of the three main characters in the game have also been revealed. The driver in Outrun2 will be a young 25-year-old man named Alberto. He appears a little dim-witted but has excellent driving abilities. One of the female characters in the game is named Jennifer; she is a rich 23-year-old lady with a thirst for thrills. Jennifer is the passenger during the game's Outrun mode and also happens to be Alberto's girlfriend--and the purchaser of his Ferrari!

Outrun2 is currently in development for the Xbox-based Chihiro arcade platform and is scheduled for a winter release.

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