Adam Jensen voice actor says he originally played Far Cry 3 protagonist

Elias Toufexis says he spent two years recording for Jason Brody, before Ubisoft replaced him because he reportedly sounded too similar to Adam Jensen.

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Actor Elias Toufexis, who voiced Adam Jensen in Deus Ex: Human Revolution, has claimed that he spent two years doing voicework for Far Cry 3 lead Jason Brody before Ubisoft replaced him because his performance sounded too similar to Adam Jensen.

"In fact, I shouldn't say this, but there's a game called Far Cry 3, which I'm sure you guys know, where I had played Jason Brody," Toufexis said during the MCM Comic Con today as reported by Xbox 360 Achievements. "I played him for two years, did the voice; and when Deus Ex came out they replaced me because they were nervous that … 'we don't want people playing this game and thinking of another game.'"

Gianpaolo Venuta is officially credited with playing Jason Brody in Far Cry 3. An Ubisoft representative was not immediately available to comment.

"It's justifiable. It's understandable, but my normal voice is what I used for that character too," Toufexis added. "So now it's like I'm losing work because Jensen is so popular."

Far Cry 3 was released on consoles and PC in December 2012. Ubisoft senior vice president of marketing and sales Tony Key said that the commercial and critical success of Far Cry 3 has ensured a sequel. A follow-up to Deus Ex: Human Revolution for next-generation consoles is also in development.

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