Ada Wong is Resident Evil 6's fourth playable character

As suspected by fans, Ada Wong will have her own playable campaign in Resi 6, and we got to play it. Check out the new details and gameplay videos below!

We knew that Resident Evil 6 was going to have three separate campaigns, but now Capcom has confirmed that there will be a fourth and final story starring long-term bad girl of the series, Ada Wong. A female protagonist was frequently requested by fans, and many of the same people had suspected Ada may be the final chapter of Resi 6's multi-stranded campaign. We managed to get the first official details on the campaign first-hand from Capcom's production team, and also play it ourselves. Here's what you need to know.

You will need to finish all other campaigns to play as Ada

Ada's campaign overlaps with other character's stories, so you will need to experience the other three campaigns first, before getting to see the game from Ada's perspective. In the section of gameplay that we experienced, Ada witnesses a scene from Leon's campaign, and then meets both Leon and Helena further into the demo.

Ada's campaign has plenty of puzzle solving

While Ada's campaign boasts plenty of the action-oriented gameplay of Resident Evils four and five, it will also boast more of the sort of puzzles that earlier games in the series had to offer. We experienced physics-based puzzles and fetch quests during our demo, some of which required quite a bit of thinking before they could be figured out.

Like every game hero this year, Ada can fire arrows

Like Lara Croft, Prophet, and Connor, Ada can fire arrows at her enemies--Ada's weapon of choice is a crossbow. While the crossbow is useful enough to remove zombie heads and take out multiple enemies in a row, it also plays it's part in some of the puzzles. And in true Resident Evil style, not only is ammo limited, the reload time is agonisingly slow when you're up against a pack of zombies.

She also has a grapple gun

Ada also appears to be much more agile than the other characters in the game, thanks to a grapple gun that she uses to ascend objects quickly. This allows her to get around quickly, but also looks particularly impressive, as Ada add's a somersault to the end of her climbs wherever possible.

Ada's campaign is single player only

Unlike the other campaigns which can be played cooperatively, Ada's campaign is single player only. That doesn't mean you'll always be on your own--half of our demo was spent with AI-controlled Leon and Helena--it just means that other people won't be able to join you as they can in the other campaigns.

You learn more about Helena's sister Debra

The final part of our Ada demo shed light on the shocking experiments done by Derek C. Simmons on Debra Harper. You come across Debra hatching from sort of egg, and see her sister Helena trying to comfort the human/zombie hybrid. In characteristically cold fashion, Ada shoots Debra with her crossbow, but this triggers a boss battle with Debra that takes place above ground, below ground, and on a mine cart. Again, the boss battle can be difficult if you haven't stocked up on ammo, but thankfully you have AI companions Leon and Helena to help out.

The announcement of Ada's campaign means that Resident Evil 6 just got a third bigger in terms of size, and it looks like it will offer some of the horror and puzzle-solving elements that are so popular with fans of the series. There's plenty more to talk about when it comes to the game, so for more information, check out our preview of the game's new multiplayer mode and customisation options.

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