Aces WWI announced

City Interactive announces a new flight simulation game based on World War I-era aircraft. First screenshots inside.

Aces WWI is the working title of a new combat flight simulation game announced by City Interactive. The developers are aiming for a simplified flight control model as opposed to a strict simulation feel. Aces WWI's campaign will include bombing missions, reconnaissance flights, and dogfights with up to 30 aircraft in the skies at once, ranging from planes to zeppelins. As players make their way through the missions, their characters will learn new skills to make them more effective pilots.

The planes in Aces WWI will catch fire and lose pieces as they are hit by enemy weaponry; tracer bullets from machine guns will aid players in aiming. Aces WWI is slated for release this fall, and it will probably undergo a name change before its release, since it currently shares a similar name to another World War I-themed flight sim game released last summer.

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