Acclaim signs Alias

Acclaim announces that it has signed an agreement for the rights to publish video games based on the hit TV show.

Acclaim Entertainment has today announced that is has signed an agreement with Disney Interactive for the rights to publish video games based on the TV drama Alias. The game is already in development at Acclaim's Cheltenham studio, and it is currently scheduled for release on all current game consoles in the fall.

A third-person action adventure game, Alias will see players assuming the role of Sydney Bristow, who is a CIA agent skilled in martial arts and the use of high-tech gadgetry. In keeping with the TV show, the development team at Acclaim is looking to incorporate elements of combat, stealth, high-tech weaponry, plot twists, and locations from all over the world into the game.

"Alias is one of the strongest new TV entertainment properties and is filled with great characters, rich story lines, and incredible action that lends itself perfectly to interactive entertainment," said Evan Stein, vice president of marketing for Acclaim. "We are thrilled to have Alias join our portfolio of world-renowned licenses."

Alias is currently scheduled for release in the fall. We'll bring you more news on the game as soon as it becomes available.

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