Acclaim Hands-on: South Park

The fifth part of our Acclaim hands-on feature, we get our hands on South Park for the PlayStation.

Acclaim came by the offices with an early build of South Park for the PlayStation. Not to be confused with the Mario Kart clone, the South Park Rally game, or the You Don't Know Jack/Mario Party-clone South Park game, this one is merely a port of the first-person shooter that appeared on the PC and N64 last year. The game we played was still at a pretty early stage of development, but it looks like as though it will eventually come together as a pretty decent port of the original game.

The four-player split screen has been scrapped from the PlayStation version, but two-player deathmatch is still available. The control seems fairly solid with the Dual Shock controller. The left pad moves you around while the right pad lets you strafe and look up and down. The game's frame rate is pretty steady, thanks to the copious use of fog (hey, South Park is a foggy town). South Park for the PlayStation is currently scheduled to hit shelves at the end of August.

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South Park

South Park