Acclaim Day: Part One

Acclaim and Iguana came by VGS yesterday with a briefcase full of games - including Batman & Robin. Like to have a look?

Acclaim and Iguana came by VGS on Wednesday with a briefcase full of games.

Batman and Robin, WWF, All Star Baseball '99, NHL Breakaway '98, Reckin' Balls, and Jeremy McGrath Supercross 98 were among the ones shown, and we've got the scoop...and the art.

NHL Breakaway '98 (N64)The N64 version of the PlayStation's best hockey game is largely the same, but a few tweaks have been made to make the game even better. The stadiums and textures have been completely redone, the player models have been enhanced, the AI has been improved all around (especially the goalie AI), and the game's default speed has been lowered a bit from the PlayStation version's frantic pace. A speed setting is included, however, for those who are used to the original speed. The development team is squashing the last few bugs in the game, which is set for a February release.

Jeremy McGrath Supercross 98 (PS)Only briefly seen before by our staff, Jeremy McGrath Supercross 98 is a supercross and motocross racing title sanctioned and partially designed by four-time National Champion Jeremy McGrath. The game is set to carry six basic tracks (with several hidden others) that encompass terrain like sand, mud, gravel, ice, and water; Sony Analog Controller support; moves such as tricks, stunts, and jumps; a two-player split-screen mode; the ability to ride as McGrath or yourself on a custom-designed bike; track editing; and more. The title's Championship Series has players competing for points and money, which is used to buy better equipment or fix broken bikes, while a Ghost Race is also available, where you can race your own best time. Expect it out in April.

Batman & Robin (PS)Not seen since last E3, this 3D action title by Probe (Extreme G, Die Hard Trilogy) was looking very good. Its gameplay encompasses a combination of puzzle-solving, fighting, and driving, as players take the role of Batman, Robin, or Batgirl to rid Gotham of the threat of Bane, Poison Ivy, and evil. Graphical effects such as the detailed environments and Batman's rippling cape were quite impressive. New features include tons of gadgets (like the cold- and chlorophyll-seeking missiles) and vehicles (obviously the Batmobile, but also the Redbird and Bathammer). The game is now aimed at a March debut. For more information on this game, be sure to check out our preview.

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