A Mix of Contra, a Dash of Metroid. What Do You Get? Axiom Verge.

Interested in a Contra/Metroid-esque side-scrolling shooter? Well, today we take a look at indie game Axiom Verge.

You open your eyes to an unknown world. Your surroundings are unfamiliar because the world around you is made up of advanced technology and ancient history. Why are you there and why does everyone you encounter want to kill you? Axiom Verge follows Trace, a man who has recently been involved in a near-fatal incident that has left him unconscious. Upon waking up, Trace realizes that he has left his world and is now in an ancient yet advanced environment where everyone is out to kill him.

I don't know if I should shoot or scream.

Throughout the trailer, the gameplay reminded us of multiple old-school games, such as Contra, Metroid, and Castlevania, but with an updated flare. There is about eight hours of gameplay, upgradable weapons, a sci-fi soundtrack, and more. The developer, Tom Happ, has been in the industry for some time now working on games such as Tiger Woods, End of Nations, NFL Street, and many others. He began work on Axiom Verge in 2010 as a side project and hopes to get the game released by sometime next year. You can check out his website here or watch the trailer below.

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