A Hands-On Look at Top Gear Rally

Boss Game Studios shows off an alpha version of its new N64 racer.

Boss Game Studios came by the VGS offices yesterday with an alpha version of its new N64 racing game, Top Gear Rally, a sequel of sorts to the Super Nintendo's Top Gear. TGR has a very well thought out physics model, which translates into very realistic driving. There are multiple terrains on each track, ranging from asphalt to mud and dirt. The game also has different weather settings that drastically affect the handling of the cars. The rain and snow modes look truly amazing. There are eleven cars in all, including two hidden vehicles, and five tracks, one of which is also hidden. Have a look at our movie of this spectacular racing game, which will ship in September.

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Jeff Gerstmann

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Top Gear Rally (1997)

Top Gear Rally (1997)