$99 PS2 in '03?

Sony dances around impending price drop rumors.

Rumors regarding an impending PlayStation 2 price drop swirled a little stronger after a recent Web post suggesting a mid-November PlayStation 2 price drop added grist to the mill.

The site GameCube Advanced referenced an unnamed executive at retail giant Target who claimed he had seen promotional materials announcing the new $99 price point. According to the executive, the price drop would occur in mid-November.

Officials at SCEA would not confirm the price drop, but they didn't exactly deny it either. "SCEA is very comfortable with the dual-pricing plan as announced on August 19," a SCEA spokesperson told GameSpot today. "We have not made any announcements regarding additional pricing adjustments moving into the holiday season."

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Whoo hoo! First comment! Whoo! Oh yeah, I feel very sad that Somy is going to change the PS2 price points to $99. But this isn't going to happen because as of 20000006, it's still $120 dollars!