64-bit Far Cry patch arrives

AMD and Crytek announce the arrival of a 64-bit update to the PC first-person shooter.

Tropical beaches, swaying palm trees, and machine-gun-toting bad guys look much better when processed by a 64-bit CPU. That's what AMD, Ubisoft, and Crytek say about their newest update to the popular PC shooter Far Cry. The 64-bit update patch, available on GameSpot DLX, will speed up and enhance the visuals of Far Cry for players who own an AMD Athlon 64 FX processor.

"There are specific enhancements we wanted to create, like view distances, texture details, map sizes, and graphics, that 32-bit platforms could not handle," said Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli. "What is most eye-opening about the 64-bit Far Cry is that we are only now beginning to tap into the potential power of the AMD64 platform."

64-bit-enabled players of Far Cry will be privy to larger and more detailed areas to explore, exclusive 64-bit maps, longer view distances, unique and exciting game object textures, and a 64-bit exclusive "barrel storage area" that demonstrates impressive, lifelike physics.

Crytek and Ubisoft have also released an exclusive content upgrade, which includes two new levels--stronghold and gorge--available only to AMD64 systems. It is also available on GameSpot DLX..

Far Cry was developed by freshman German game studio Crytek. The company was founded in 1999 to build the CryEngine, which powers Far Cry. Far Cry was published by Paris-based Ubisoft.

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its nice to see 64 bit users of the amd chip can now play fry cry again but what about us guys using intel 64 bit dule core or single core chips with windows xp 64 bit or vista 64 bit, you guys got any plans to get us running again , if not thats discrimintation at its best,, i just bought a new system and all my games except for far cry run,, far cry 2 on the other hand runs fine but i love the first far cry as well and no it wont run and my new system wont run 32 bit xp pro so iam screwed like many others so how about giving us a patch to run on our intel chips as well ...