320GB PS3 soon to be sold solo

Highest capacity HDD-equipped console will sell for $350 a la carte starting today, $50 more than 160GB version, $50 less than 320GB Move bundle.


Sports Champions

In August, Sony announced it was increasing the capacity of the PlayStation 3's hard drive by releasing 160GB and 320GB models of the console. But while the former was available solo for the same $300 price point as the discontinued 120GB model, the latter was only available as party of a $400 bundle, which included the PlayStation Eye camera, Move controller, and minigame compilation Sports Champions.

The 320GB PS3 will cost $350 in the US.
The 320GB PS3 will cost $350 in the US.

Today, Sony announced that the 320GB PS3 will soon be available on its own for $350. Stand-alone units of the console (pictured) will begin shipping today and will arrive in stores in the near future.

The 320GB and 160GB models are just the latest in a long line of reconfigurations of the PlayStation 3, which debuted in 2006 with 60GB and 20GB of hard drive space. Since then, 40GB, 80GB, 120GB, and 250GB HDD-equipped versions have been released. Along the way, the console both lost and gained functionalities, with the backward compatibility of early models disappearing and the console recently receiving native Netflix playback.

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