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3 Reasons the Xbox One May Struggle to Catch The PS4

Slippery slope.

The Xbox One is lagging behind the PlayStation 4. This has been true since the two consoles launched last November, and the distance has been widening with every month that passes. Microsoft corporate vice president Phil Harrison already spoke at length about the Xbox One's unenviable position, brushing aside many concerns as he brought up the old "marathon, not a sprint" analogy. Although I do agree that it's too early for Microsoft to throw in the towel, there are serious detriments to getting off to such a slow start. And if the Xbox One doesn't gain ground soon, the problems could snowball so quickly that there's no hope of catching up.

Dwindling third-party exclusives

Microsoft doesn't rely on its first-party studios nearly as much as Sony and Nintendo do. That disparity hasn't been a concern in the last decade, since Microsoft has secured exclusive deals with external teams to bolster its lineup. Look no further than Gears of War to see how smart strategic partnerships can boost the popularity of a system. Did it matter that Microsoft didn't develop Gears? Of course not. Most people were focused more on fending off the nasty locusts than worrying about who put a chainsaw on a gun. Epic agreed to keep Gears off Sony's and Nintendo's systems, and even sold the franchise rights to Microsoft earlier this year.

Who knows how many games other than Sunset Overdrive will be exclusive.

You can see why Microsoft has been so keen to establish these types of relationships. Microsoft Studio boss Phil Spencer spoke about their tactics last year, saying, "I think to some out there there's a fixation with which studios you own, which studios you work with, and for better or worse I'm not fixated on that." Microsoft has to either pay a first-party studio to make a game or contract an outside team, so either way it's shelling out money, right?

Unfortunately, this mindset that could spell trouble for Microsoft. If a game is being kept away from other platforms, that developer has to be compensated for lost potential sales. When the Xbox 360 shot out ahead of the PlayStation 3, it established itself as the leader in the high-definition race, so it was easy for Microsoft to convince publishers to partner up with them. And the same was true early this generation, when no one was sure how the chips would fall. But now that the PlayStation 4 is much more popular, Microsoft will have to pay more and more money to keep games away from Sony. And that price will only rise as the gap widens. It's not easy to negotiate when you're no longer in a position of power. That means we'll see more games land on multiple platforms, and there will be added pressure on 343 Industries, Turn 10 Studios, and Lionhead Studios to carry the load.

Titanfall is already being kept away from the PlayStation 4, as are Sunset Overdrive and Quantum Break, but who knows how willing those teams will be to do the same with their next games knowing that they're ignoring a huge part of their potential audience.

Follow your friends to the end

Remember when you could play games in your basement for hours without ever encountering another person? Well, the days of video games being an escape from social commitments have evaporated, and it's not as bad as my teenage self would have thought. Games are now digital hangouts where friends, strangers, and enemies square off, so even when there's no one else inside your house, there are still people playing with you somewhere in the world. It's kind of scary, kind of magic, and has dramatically changed how I play games.

Leaderboard racers are the best part of Trials Fusion.

As more people purchase a PlayStation 4 in favor of an Xbox One, the communities of multiplayer gamers will subsequently gravitate toward Sony's console. So when you're figuring out which version of Evolve to get later this year, part of that decision process will involve which system has a larger player base. It makes sense, right? If you buy a multiplayer-centric game, you're going to want as many people as possible to play with. That idea extends further when your friends play games as well. Once one friend decides to buy Destiny on the PlayStation 4, the others will invariably follow suit. It takes only one domino being pushed to start a chain.

Maybe you're like me and prefer playing alone. Well, if you have friends who also play games, you'll still have to make the same choices as those people who crave multiplayer. Last week Trials Fusion came out, and my colleagues and I have been vying for leaderboard supremacy. High-score chases are my favorite part of the game, so having as many times to chase as possible exponentially improves my fun. That's just science. Well, just about every person in the office is chasing my ghost on the PlayStation 4. And as more people jump on the PlayStation 4 train, that will soon become the default choice for any game with a with a connected environment. If Microsoft doesn't turn things around, Call of Duty, Madden, and every other competitive game is going to sell better on the PlayStation 4, making it even harder for the Xbox One to come back.

Words speak louder than actions

All of the Xbox buildings in the world can't change how people feel.

There are many reasons why someone would purchase a video game console. Price is a large part of the equation, and everything else related to that system either makes the cost seem reasonable or much too high. What's the current library of games look like? And what are you interested in buying in the near future? Are there enough streaming apps for when you'd rather watch a movie? Do you have friends who favor one system over another? We take a look at all of this stuff. But there's one other element that could be the biggest factor of all.

Word of mouth matters. Any discerning person out there probably rolls their eyes at marketing. Sure, we may like some commercials, but we're never felt compelled to buy an energy drink or specific toilet paper brand just because we've been inundated with billboards, right? No one would admit that ads sway their buying habits (even though they totally do), but word of mouth isn't so easy to disassociate yourself with. It's been proven to be far more effective than traditional marketing, and once popular opinion slides in one direction, it can be difficult to change that momentum.

This is a dangerous situation for Microsoft. As the PlayStation 4 becomes more and more popular, it will become the default console. Remember last generation? The Wii exploded in large part because every mainstream publication was talking about it. It graced the covers of magazines and found its way into popular sitcoms, and eventually, it became the thing that everyone wanted. Even Microsoft admits they've been struggling with messaging since the Xbox One reveal last year, and even though they've backtracked on many of their restrictions, it's much harder to change people's minds.

Microsoft is right in that the race is still in the early going. But they have to realize that once you fall too far behind, it gets incredibly difficult to come back. There are just too many elements the second and third place platforms have to fight against to remain relevant. We'll see how things play out, but Microsoft has to start making a move sooner rather than later.

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    I dont know if Im reading this right... Ton wrote that the gap is widening each month when NPD reports say the gap between PS4 and Xbox One is closing. Xbox One sold 90% of what the PS4 sold last month. This news doesnt bother me as I own both consoles but its stupid. He is writing how the xbox one is doing poorly but has no idea the power of media. If he and all these other gaming websites keep writing about "how bad MS is doing" then sure, no one is going to buy it.. They are contributing to the so called "failing" Xbox One.

    I just dont understand how a console that is only in 13 territories, cost more, is less powerful and has HORRIFIC media attention prior to its launch, has sold ONLY approximately 2 million less than a console with great press, is more powerful, and a $!00 cheaper and is in damn near 50 territories????? Maybe they should re write this article and say "how can MS make its Xbox One more of a success than it already has been to catch up to Sony... The Xbox One has a lot of room to grow. Even if you give MS 700,000 more consoles sold once they hit these other countries, it makes it even more closer to Sony. Its as if these gaming sites expect these consoles to remain side by side the entire life cycle.. And us morons keep reading this junk...


    Whoah whoah, aside from a now neutered Naughty Dog, who is making games of pedigree exclusively for PS4? And no, Indie arthouse crap like Jon Blows sh1t isn't what sells a console. And guess who DOESNT have the money to pay studios to keep it exclusive and MUST rely on their wholly owned in house shops? Yep... Junk status Sony. And who's been hemorrhaging employees and talent at these studios for the last year? Yep... Junk status Sony. If Microsoft were inclined, and I'm sure they're not, they could go right back to the razor blade model, take a loss and sell Xbone at 250$, snatch up a bunch of studios to make exclusives and still barely put a dent in the mothership's wallet. Yeah... don't count MSFT as "out" in Gen-8 quite yet. This thing could turn into a Microsoft/Nintendo contest if Facebook buys PlayStation from Sony. hahaha. Now that would be great! You ponies so deserve something like that to turn your 400$ paperweight into a 400$ paperweight that you can "like" in immersive 3d over and over and over again, while having ads rammed down your throat.


    Microsoft kinda started on a very wrong foot the way it came out with the Xbox One. T'was as if they thought Xbox had a monopoly in the console market with that always online crap.


    These articles are becoming the norm for Gamespot which is hard to stomach.

    Wonder if I'm the only one who can't wait for E3?

    When we'll get real news, real news about games.

    But hey, not trying to purposely hate. It's just getting ridiculous.

    The fact gaming sites feel the need for filler, like fan war articles and other none game related junk like the next Star Wars cast >_>


    biggest problem microsoft face is lame ass websites like sonyspot taking advantage of the console war situation making posts that are clearly click baiting for fanboy reactions.


    You make rational arguments. However people are in general are not rational. If they were COD would not be as popular as it continues to be. the mass public is not as analytical about purchases as people on this website are. Don't believe me? Go look at car sales and how many people get sucked into making the worst possible deal that can get. With that said, Xbox will have a lot of loyal fans that come back. Will it be 80 million? I doubt it. Its just my opinion, that if they can come up with that "Must have" game ALONG with dropping the price to $400 without the Kinect they can close the gap to a respectable 45% of the market Sony having 55%. If they can do that it will be can be considered successful. I think anything less and they will not make a console after that


    I have a hard time believing Microsoft would sell he Xbox one without a Kinect. Even if they aren't doing much to prove its worth, it's still the differentiating factor between it and the PS4. I believe they will take a financial hit by dropping price to around $400 while keeping the Kinect as part of the base console package.


    Those 20 markets will probably account for a few hundred thousand units sold. Doubtful it would reach 1+ million combined of all 20 of those markets. This is part of the reason why they haven't been rushed to get the console out in these markets.


    << LINK REMOVED >> Rubbish, they didnt even release in all of europe yet, Its not like these places have populations of a couple of million lol. some are major 1st world countries


    @kovaras1984 In which of those countries do you think Microsoft will sell a significant number of Xbox One consoles?


    The lack of 1st party studios is going to be Microsoft's biggest hurdle to jump over now that they are so far behind. TV programming isn't bad, but it sure isn't going to be a deciding factor for the majority of future console purchases.

    Xbox Live is something Microsoft could leverage as an advantage, but there's not much they can do there to make up for lack of exclusive games. Plus the restrictions applied to a console without an active XBLG subscription show that Microsoft isn't focusing much on improving the value of that service beyond their TV and cloud initiatives. The cloud could have been a big deal, but Microsoft has so far failed to prove its worth. And with the current state of worldwide broadband isn't something they can rely on for system-selling features over exclusive games.

    Since Microsoft won't be able to secure many 3rd party games as exclusive (timed or full), I predict they will focus on exclusive DLC for some of the biggest games. They did this a lot near the end of last-gen as exclusives weaned away. They're sure to do it again.

    The problem is that DLC is only appealing to a subset of the audience and is most important regarding competitive online play. A map pack may only be available on XBO, but since all of "my friends" are playing on PS4, those maps aren't going to matter.

    I'm very interested in what Microsoft has planned for E3 2014. The rumors and announcements leading up to it haven't been promising, but I can't shake feeling that there is something they have been keeping well kept from the public that will be announced. Though I'm not confident that Microsoft can convince me to buy an Xbox One yet.

    The probability of the Xbox One coming out on top this generation is quickly diminishing to none,ute it's not there. Give them until E3 2016 to do something game-changing. If they haven't done it by then, they won't do it at all.


    << LINK REMOVED >> Not exactly, there's a lot that can be inferred from Microsoft's behavior. For instance, the fact that there's already been an "unofficial" price drop and they've bundled Titanfall (originally advertised as a system seller) with the console - for free, can only mean the X1 has not met internal sales projections. A product that is selling at or above expectations will NEVER adjust its price, because why would you? Maximizing profit is what business does.

    Now I don't think it's doom and gloom, the X1 will sell okay, but a lot of this article is pretty spot on. A lot of this is hypothetical because we don't know what the future is, Microsoft might do something to change the variables. We'll just have to see.


    Fanboys and everyone should be concerned about xbone falling behind. PS3 and 360 were more evenly matched, but not having a healthy competition going forward into next gen is bad for consumers.


    << LINK REMOVED >> Not exactly, because what's really wrong for consumers? Pretty much everything the Xbox One originally attempted to do. I think it would be far better for the industry if Microsoft got steamrolled this generation, it will deter future console manufacturers from selling unwanted peripherals with the system, always online, DRM and all the other crap they announced.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not implying a Sony monopoly is good, but I'm saying that we can't have competition for competition's sake, we need competition for the market to promote good behavior and punish bad.

    The original Xbox was destroyed by the PS2 and that only encouraged Microsoft to create the amazing 360. The Xbox One is another dud, if they lose badly this gen, I'd be excited to see what MS does next time around


    << LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> If there even is another console generation after this one


    << LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> The rise of game streaming can make the need for dedicated hardware obsolete, and given the trend towards longer generation cycles this technology will have matured even more by the time this gen gets old


    << LINK REMOVED >> I don't see any reason why there wouldn't be another console generation, do you?


    Burn baby, burn!


    I still think it's too early in the game to say which will dominate. Yes the PS4 has jumped out to a huge lead but time will tell. With that being said... I'm totally happy with my 360 still. If you had asked me a year ago if I'd have an XBOne by now I wouldve said "hell yeah" BUT THERE ARE NO GAMES!!! Ive gotten to play Max Payne 3, Hitman Absolution, Batman Arkham City all for free of $5 over the past 2 months. Games with Gold on 360 is such a great deal...so many really good games for dirt cheap. Cant beat that!!


    True about the Multiplayer population. Xbox Live used to own and have the majority of players. Now PSN is becoming the place to be as it is gaining way more players while Xbox loses theirs.

    I want to play where the most people are.


    Whether you like it as a product or not the Xbox has sold plenty of units and is ahead of where MS wanted to be at this stage after the launch. It doesn't matter whether Sony is ahead - MS has long standing relationships with the developers and the millions of units sold means there is significant volume in the community to make exclusive deals worthwhile - The whole article is a nonsense of unfounded drivel, personal opinion and what ifs. There is no evidence to corroborate any of the conclusions - how the hell this crap generated 2000+ comments is a joke. Gamespot is playing us for fools - this is not journalism


    << LINK REMOVED >> The only drivel here is your comment. If the XONE falls significantly behind the PS4, exclusive deals are only worthwhile if the publisher is adequately compensated for lost revenue, it just makes sense. It's not like, "Ok great we've hit 10 million systems, now we should have no problem getting exclusives. Doesn't matter that PS4 has 20 million." Long-standing relationships mean nothing in the world of capitalism, money speaks and installed units speaks.


    BWHAHAHAHAHA SUCK IT XBONER FAN BOYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    This article, I know three people selling there PS4s on Facebook right now there no games. I suggested to my neighbor to take it to the pawn shop.


    << LINK REMOVED >> The Indie and small budget games alone make it worth keeping. Casual gamers look down (regardless of platform may I add) titles like Mercenary Kings, Putty Squad, Odd World & Resogun because

    "it dontz havz them graphicz"

    But hey, go look up how popular Minecraft is on P.C. the most powerful choice is commonly used for a game build around retro pixel presentation.

    & in time the PS4 will have even more to offer, as we all know Sony delivers on exclusives. but for now. As a early console, this content is decent.


    << LINK REMOVED >> Neither system has good games yet. Idiots selling their systems early before they actually can get their money's worth


    And I know like 20 people selling there xbox ones right now as we speak, check craigslist xbox ones going for 350 right now, bestbuy told microsoft don't send and more they are not selling just taking up space.!!


    Came here to watch a video, saw text :/


    << LINK REMOVED >> The world must be coming to an end if every written article doesn't come with an accompanying video for the people who can't read


    << LINK REMOVED >> well done.


    Just been on the GAME website and there's plenty of Xbox One bundles sold out along with Wii U's. Plenty of PS4 bundles in stock including the Watch dogs bundle - It's nice to see a slight increase in competitiveness.


    << LINK REMOVED >> Ya the WiiU must be right on the heels of PS4 by now right?


    << LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >>I've got no idea as Nintendo hasn't released any official sales figures since the end of last year unless I've missed recent sales figures. If the Wii U isn't right behind the PS4 now, then it will when Mario Kart 8 launches. I've got a good feeling about Mario Kart 8, I reckon it will shift Wii U's in the millions.


    << LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> I was being sarcastic :P there's no way Wii U will ever catch the PS4, or the XONE


    << LINK REMOVED >> Xbox one got no gaemz


    << LINK REMOVED >> Cool story.


    I'm exchanging my X box One for a Vita next week.

    A VITA..!!

    i think that even the vita has more value than the Xone at this time....and no amount of wishful thinking or people holding beers telling me how Xbox is a more "American" console will change that fact.


    << LINK REMOVED >> much wise investment


    << LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> such fail


    << LINK REMOVED >> damn dude, you're cold blooded. a vita?


    << LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >>LOVE my vita :)


    << LINK REMOVED >> believe me it doesnt!!! i have all of them


    << LINK REMOVED >> Except its not a fact. As you said "I think that even" nobody's thoughts are facts that others must accept as reality. I own both a Vita and an X1 and would easily part with the Vita first. But that's me, and not a fact.


    << LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> "I own both a Vita and an X1 and would easily part with the Vita first."

    Those are facts...


    << LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> A fact that, that is my preference? Ok. I stand corrected on his preference. But the vita having more value than an X1 is not an objective fact.


    this type of news only means that feedbackula is making a comeback.


    This gamespot... just releases articles on console wars so it can get more page hits from impudent crying babies saying which console is better.


    << LINK REMOVED >> Not to mention impudent crying babies complaining about these articles.


    I am not at all concerned, what is true on the regular news cast also applies here as well, video games news exacerbate and exaggerate just like regular news.


    While microsoft backtracked on much of the controversial and out right anti gamer policies it still has not clarified much more criticisms. Not gonna block used games, but when asked if they would not allow publishers to implement anti used game policies they had a firm no comment. Digital game sales: what rights do gaming consumers have? Games that do not work after a system update, broken, transferred from one gen to another, how long will those game and other digital content be supported? no answers. As of now their is no ownership of digital games only leasing a license.

    While sony still have some questions unanswered, at least they are more open and more game-centric and at this point less of a bad risk.

    Also microsoft really needs an system update that will put the system into a very low operating resource mode that will allow it to take greater advantage of the the ram and architecture to just play games instead of trying to be a social hub, dvr, and cpu all at once. games first please.


    in the end MS and sony are successful and rich and half of you guys that leave comments are sitting on your mom or dads couch using there laptop or pc that they bought for you because you don't have any money because instead of working you are too busy arguing about which console is worst.There both very underrated for next-gen consoles.I honestly expected more especially with the graphics.I don't see the big difference between p3/x360 vs p4/x1


    << LINK REMOVED >> What else are we supposed to do? I can't even get a minimum wage job because they are being outsourced to foreign countries. It's a losing battle man.


    << LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> then get any job; i work in a wharehouse, own 4 consoles and 2 handhelds, and haven't lived with the 'rents in years.. livin' the dream..


    I love how you guys stick up for sony and Microsoft as if you people manufacture these systems yourself.

    I honestly don't care who sells ahd who goes out of business.As long as I Can have 1 good system to play VIDEO games because that's what its about in the end.It shouldn't matter.Everybody will have a different opinion on whats better.It all comes down to personal preference.It sounds like 2 drunk girls arguing about which panties look better.

    It is always gonna come down to personal preference.Stop wasting your time arguing with people thaty got there mind set to one company.Try both systems and choose the one u like more based on games and entertainment.its just that simple.there will be pros and cons for both systems as always will be.But x1 for a next gen should at least make a controller where you don't need batteries.There are either careless,but to me they don't care about any gamer or any consumer they are just always looking for a way to make more money.ps3 vs xbox xbox you paid for live and you had to buy batteries.ps3 free internet no need for batteries.ms is all about $$$$ making it mandatory to buy the Kinect is ridiculous.that should be optional and everybody with an x1 should agree with that.ms fanboy or not stop defending ms they are a greedy company.end of story.i know because I have Microsoft laptops,tablets,xbox.They have great products but you just get the feel that they have no interest for the fans as much as the fans show interest in defending that xbox 180


    << LINK REMOVED >> Sony does feel more like they're trying to make the consumers happy compared to Microsoft that is trying to impress them. (Following isn't directed at you, seeing as you seem to agree with it) It may sound like they're the same thing but it's not, because MS is doing this to make as much profit as possible by combining it's branches into one box and sacrificing core material. Now I don't mean that the situation is as harsh as it sounds, it's just to show to which end they're closer to. Sony however made it crystal clear that they want their console to be for core gaming. I think they sacrificed a little bit on the way that didn't need to be gone but I think it's clear which crowd Sony is going for and which crowd MS is going for (gamers and general crowd entertainment, respectively).

    And, just like << LINK REMOVED >>said, this whole "Console Wars" idea spurs the competition. However, I also think that some people take it way too seriously and personal instead of having a friendly argument to convince the opposing crowd which console is better overall. So, take from that what you will.

    << LINK REMOVED >>
    While people don't necessarily think about it as it happens, these arguements about which console is better are important because they foster competition between 2+ competing companies. If there were only one console, the company running the console would have a complete monopoly on the policies for the console and they would be able to set standards that the public may not agree with, but would have to submit to if they wished to receive the types of products/services they seek.

    As for nitpicking the various details, I think that different people will find different details important to the them for different reasons. For instance, I don't care quite as much about having full 1080p HD graphics in a speciifc console's version of a game if it means I can have a particular feature I want or play it with my friends or some such. But that doesn't mean that the graphics aren't important to the public because there will invariably be people who DO value the graphics, thus graphics definition is part of the list of things compared between the companies as it sways the purchase of certain consoles / consoles' versions of games.


    I honestly see no reason to buy either X1 or PS4 at this point. It looks like 8th gen's biggest games so far are mostly sequels and HD remakes.


    << LINK REMOVED >> No reason at the moment. I did get a PS4 but I really don't use it at all. I've probably put in less than 30 hours (mostly inFamous and BF4) since it's release which is when I got the system. I admittedly played inFamous for far too long just to get myself to use my PS4 more but it really doesn't make a whole lot of difference.


    Where's Feedbackula when you need it? Or at least want to see the funniest fanboy rage comments.


    With all the resolution issues, lack of compelling exclusives, nothing even remotely like remote-play (pun intended), and Games for Gold vs. PS+...

    I'm failing to see what I am supposed to do with my X1, other than play Dead Rising 3.


    << LINK REMOVED >> I don't really see anything panning out any different in these first 5 months than what any knowledgeable consumer buying an XB1 would have known going into his purchase, There are games Titanfall. BF4, Thief, Tomb Raider, killer instinct,quite a few indie titles like Max cob, strider. Give it time, neither console has a whole lot of games right now. You didn't really expect there to be a never ending list of game titles for you to play at any given moment with genre in mind within the first year did you? Sorry to say if ya did PS4 wont offer ya that right now either. But if ya want to sell ur Xbox one for a deal let me know, I'd take it off your hands for the right price.


    if ps+ games are rentals than titanfall is a $50 upfront plus $50 a year rental...you cant play it without live


    << LINK REMOVED >> Facts are GwG lets you own the game licenses legally forver even if and after your Gold expires, PS+ your paid subscription allows you access to the games as long as your dues are paid but you never legally own license for the game. This is the main reason for older games on GwG, because it cost more to actually give people games to own forever vs basically letting people lease games within a subscription based service. So it is cheaper for Sony to let PS+ users lease newer game titles temporarily than it is for Xbox to buy the rights to permanently give away games to actually legally own. Arguments on which program is better can be made (so far I'd say PS+ is better) but fact is that GwG lets you own the games, you own the digital license on your GT and you console for that game, PS+ IGC you never own the game or the license for it. Your valid paid subscription allows you access to the game as long as your dues are paid. I don't know why you guys try and twist it to be something its not, PS+ IGC is a good game program who cares that you don't own the games forever.


    << LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> I'm not going to say GwG is bad because it's not, and yeah to some extend you own the license, but what does that matter if Microsoft says that they are now stopping support and such for the 360 or the One, what then? Backwards compatibility?

    What I mean is that even with owning the license you still have to use their service to download it from, which means you are still bound to them in that sort of way.

    Steam is the same where you only buy a license to use the game, that's also why I'll never buy a game full price on Steam.


    One can only imagine what this cohesive, logical and very accurate and realistic article did to Xbone fangirl dogma. Or you could just read the comments from the butthurt vast minority and get a fairly good idea... :)


    << LINK REMOVED >> Thats very true. The article details some very valid information, if you own both consoles its not a porblem though....which I do. I equate fanboys to small children (most of them are). Their parents wont by them both consoles so they have to attack those that have the other in order to gain a sense of self worth and to bolster their ego. Its funny. BTW, arent you a Sony fanboy? I keep seeing your comments on articles and you seem to constantly be bashing the Xbox One.


    << LINK REMOVED >> No, I have a 360 and PS4. I am very anti-X1, though. But believe me, I love my 360


    Look at all these fantards trying to argue that the NES isnt as good as the Atari 7800, you have got to be kidding me. The NES has way better exclusives, Metroid, Duck Hunt and Zelda. The Ataritards have what? Commando? Ninja Golf? Phhht, dream on losers.



    Look at all the fanbots too butthurt to shutup...


    The main thing this gen is going to be games. The ps2 was the weakest console of 6th gen but is also the best selling console of all time. IT also had several thousand games released for it. If the ps4 can come with a wide variety of games and sustain it they will run away with this console gen.


    << LINK REMOVED >> If Phil can get a wide variety games and price cut the Xbox One. The PS4 won't be running far!


    1. Kinect

    2. Kinect

    3. Kinect


    << LINK REMOVED >> TV.


    << LINK REMOVED >> Make better games for the Kinect?!


    << LINK REMOVED >> Throw away the Kinect!! :D


    << LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >>make even 1 GOOD game for kinect... (the voice commands were the sh*t on x360 though, loved playing mass effect with that on)


    BTW...sony is hurting for money, so they should be the ones worried. MS will bounce back and will stay profitable. so...this generation they will not sell as much. but they will sell, and they will make money and make alot of people happy. WHILE they make alot of people happy, they will make alot of Sony ponies unhappy...for whatever reason. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!!


    << LINK REMOVED >> Sony is doing fine, they are about to be doing a lot better too with Morpheus.


    the xbone will not sell as much as the ps4. It will still be profitable in the long run, and it will still be loved by AMERICANS. AMERICA, FUCK YEAH!!!


    << LINK REMOVED >> I'm American and think XB1 is a waste compared to a PS4. The hardware and business model MS went through is lackluster and just showed us that they want to move forward in gaming, but as long as their pockets are filled with the money people gave them. They even had to change everything they said in their console because of the issues it caused from consumers feedback. The reason Sony is also broke is because they make no money on their consoles and never have since the PS1. That's why you see them closing areas down in their company and the big budget cuts. Everyone has an opinion but what you sad has to be the dumbest comment and everyone who has read that should feel bad and may god have mercy on your soul.




    Xbox 360 was the default last gen and Sony did just fine. I don't think you can assume that they won't have exclusives going forward. MS has the money to put on the table.


    << LINK REMOVED >> 360 was not just my default but my hardcore go to machine. After experiencing PS+, and buying both the PS4 & X1 systems...

    I just don't see what the point of the X1 is in comparison anymore.
    Never thought I'd be full out for Ps4, but hey... whatever plays the games the best wins in my eyes.


    Wow, this article is just garbage flame bait.


    << LINK REMOVED >> Finally! someone gets it! IGN did one too!


    << LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >>Duh, these articles drive site traffic and comment numbers, all 3 of us just participated in making these articles do what they are supposed to.


    Regardless of who wins the race both will still be here at the end.


    I'm kind of surprised that price, and forced peripherals didn't make the list..


    The PS4 is selling faster than the best selling console of all time ( the PS2)..


    << LINK REMOVED >> The Gameboy is still faster!


    << LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >>Nope its still the PS2 and it was that way since 2011


    Im getting sick of Gamespot starting console wars. just lock at how many ps4 vs xbone articles they bring.. and then they say why kids rage over with console is better......i feel disgusted.

    Just count how many articles of xbox vs ps4 u find on the web side... u wont belive it


    << LINK REMOVED >> so a gaming site shouldn't cover the differences between machines?


    << LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >>There's a difference between covering and flaming. This is just another case of the latter


    @teknic1200 Apparently logic and opinions are forbidden.



    Sony outsells all other consoles. PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4 combined sales are staggering. Like 115,000,000 PS1, 155,000,000 PS2, 83,000,000 PS3, & 7.5 million PS4s in 5 months.

    Xbox 25,000,000 360 82,000,000, XOne 3.6 million in 5 months.


    Whenever I go to an electronics section of a retail store the PS4 shelf is always empty while the XBONE shelf is always full. Right now the Kinect isn't an attractive selling point especially considering that you're paying extra money to have it in the box. Sony hasn't sold me on a PS4 and MS hasn't sold me on an XBONE. Yet. It's still too early to know what "next gen" means for gaming when there hasn't been a graphically groundbreaking and/or "game changing" game to be released.


    << LINK REMOVED >> Oh there's graphically ground breaking games alright, on PC...

    I have a wii u and am happy with it, playing dark souls 2 for the most part atm.

    that said graphical improvements will be small this gen, they take a lot of time away. Bigger worlds, on the other hand, will be where you get amazed first.


    << LINK REMOVED >> Killzone: Shadowfall, Infamous: Second Son, and Titanfall almost convinced me to buy a next-gen console, and further temptation will probably come with The Witcher 3 and Destiny. But I think, right now, you're right. Neither console is good enough yet to warrant a $400-$500 purchase.


    You sound stupid. Plain and simply stupid. PS3 was $600 for a minute. 360 was $500 or more for a while. The dollar is worth less now and these console do so much more now. I payed $375 or more for both ex-gen consoles each back in 2010 or so. PS4 also has come out with the 2 best graphically superior console games ever seen in second son and shadowfall running at 60 fps full 1080! Wake up you fools.


    << LINK REMOVED >> Seriously though. Killzone Shadow Fall and Infamous: Second Son do look fantastic, but I wouldn't pay $400 for two great games, or even 10 for that matter. The graphics are good, but ehy're not as big a jump as from PS2/Xbox to PS3/360. Like you pointed out with last gen, the prices will drop within a year or two. Until then, I still need to play Red Dead Redemption and Fallout 3. There's plenty of "ex-gen" that I still haven't experienced.


    Hate for Microsoft is understandable but I don't get love for Sony, they're not that great




    << LINK REMOVED >> they are not great, just the default choice.. .


    << LINK REMOVED >>

    Sony is great. They are respectable & always look out for the gamer's interest. MS has shown undesireable attitudes towards Bungie & othe devs along with being dictator about how they wanted to make the Xbox One before backing off after consumers freaked out on them.


    << LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> My 3 broken Sony VCR's say they're not that great.


    Well considering Sony havnt made a VCR in over ten year I'd say you're doing quite well.. Just kidding you don't even know what one is boy..


    << LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> How young are you?... It's Video Cassette Recorder. :P


    << LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> "VCR" = video cd recorder


    << LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Virtual "C" Reality?.... What's the C for and how did you get to test Sony's VR already?


    << LINK REMOVED >> ummmmmmm........you aren't being serious....are you???

    you can't be.........I don't think??


    << LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >>Very serious I would presume. Don't think so, ask the people in Canada after the price hike


    I agree with the author's point about word of mouth...and in my opinion, that's exactly one of the things in MS's favor....people hearing from other people who actually own an XB1.......it's a really good console that is clearly only going to get better as time goes. People who actually have one, know this and spread the word and get past all the negative bs online about the XB1.


    << LINK REMOVED >> But wouldn't that help the PS4 even more? specially considering that the PS4 has more sales?


    You miss my point....word of mouth is good for the xb1....people who actually own one, like it and will tell their friends and family. Good word of mouth is a way to bypass all the negative online bs that still persists concerning the xb1.


    Most of these authors for the gaming sites own a xb1 and PS4 u idiot. They are freebies for some and others buy because this is their job.


    Uhhhhhhh.....ok? What does that got to do with anything I wrote?


    people act like MS either has to sell more consoles than Sony or this gen is a total complete failure. My question is WHY???

    I think it's been strongly proven that there is more than enough room for 2 strong industry leaders. What do people think will happen? Do they think MS is just going to say, "well, we tried, too bad" and close of the xbox division?? Of course they will not.

    They will just work harder


    << LINK REMOVED >>

    It was delusional for people to expect MS to be able to beat Sony when releasing at the same time and without a pricepoint advantage, or hardware power advantage.

    MS couldn't beat Sony last gen with a year's headstart $200 less.


    Your not a industry leader if you are being out sold double by closest competitor. Right now xboned720 is struggling and not making any money. I would think that with all the marketing and advertising plus give away free 3d party games xboned720 is mostly losing money.


    << LINK REMOVED >> Sony is the one with money troubles not MS.


    << LINK REMOVED >> wow, what great reply.........for a fanboy.

    my god you clowns are boring.


    << LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Yeah I gotta agree (with RobNyack, not evil_snuggles). Even If the Xbox One isn't as successful as the PS4, it'll still be incredibly successful. People seem to forget that it's the fastest selling Microsoft system so far.