2K Games gives away Big Daddy suit and Rapture cash

Creators of BioShock to give away big cash prize and costume used for a marketing video in the lead-up to the release of BioShock 2.

The Big Daddies who shadow their little sisters in the BioShock franchise are amongst the most feared enemies throughout the games (antagonists aside) and are one of the series' most recognisable hallmarks. During the buildup to BioShock 2's launch, 2K Games released a comedic trailer that saw the development team bring in a "real life" Big Daddy into the studio. Like the Big Daddies in the game, he eventually got sick of the attention and went postal.

While the Big Daddy in the video may not have been real, the suit that the actor was wearing was real. Now 2K Games is giving it away alongside a cool $5,000 (A$5371) cash prize. The catch is, in order to enter, you've got to film something crazy happening in the game and upload it to YouTube. Got footage of a Splicer doing a sweet jump on his, or her, BMX bike? Or a Big Daddy doing a back flip? You could already be a winner! While those things don't happen too often (if at all), it's a safe bet to say that the spear gun with rocket harpoons are a good catalyst for mayhem.

If you're keen to enter the competition, details on how you can capture footage from a console or PC can be found in the instructions section of the link below. The competition is open to a variety of countries, Australia included, so be sure to get in there and represent. Details on how to enter can be found here.

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@Rebornpheonix If you go to the Bioshock 2 videos check out the CE unboxing video. Should have a chick presenting it. Watch till the end and you'll see the suit. It's sweet!


It'd be awesome if they included the real drill >8}