2011 Roster Reveal Prize Winners!

2011 Roster Reveal trivia winners and more!

We had a wonderful time broadcasting the WWW Smackdown vs. Raw 2011 Roster Reveal event, and we'd like to give a big thanks to THQ! As you might recall, there were five prize bundles we planned to give away on the show.

We had only five bundle winners, but if you sent in a couple of answers correct on the day the event was held and a valid mailing address, you increased your chances of getting a prize. Below you’ll find a list of the winners. Also, if you decide to create a blog to share pictures of your prizes or details about the event, send a PM to our community manager with the link to your blog, and we'll put a mention in the community news!

First and foremost, we'd like to give a big congrats to our tournament winner at the event! Juan Trujillo won a full bundle packed with 12 items, including a championship belt!

During the live broadcast, Homer Rabara had mentioned that there were nearly a dozen items included in the bundle. The items include a binder, water bottle, figure, T-shirt, notebook, Diva tank top, WWE hoodie, bag, laptop bag, book, and mask. We also threw in the 2011 Roster Reveal T-shirt!

Prize Bundle Winners
- Wilson Dunn
- Jedediah Rudy
- Marc Gifford
- Nick Aldana
- Steve Whitehead

2011 Roster Reveal T-Shirt & 1 Surprise Winners*
- Joshua Mccaul
- Leland Roberts
- Dustin Sheets
- Kenny Chiu
- Jermaine Jackson
- Stephen Williams
- Dennis Davis
- David McCauley
- James Mitchell
- Elias Castro
- Nick Fox
- Anthony Aing
- Grace B. George
- Andrew Colwander
- Sean Pittman
- Derick Corman
- Kyle Nohe
- Chad Mosher
- Topher Ryals
- Gordon Bonthron
- Christopher Escobar
- Nick Elzer
- Ray Maldonado
- Nick Pallessi
- Alex Martin
- Matt Schlein
- Gregory Anderson
- Derek Cornett

*Note: Homer mentioned that only five contestants would receive a bundle for participating in the trivia during the broadcast. The winners above received an additional prize that was left over along with the 2011 Roster Reveal T-shirt!

2011 Roster Reveal T-Shirt Winners
- Justin Peterson
- Tamika Warfield
- Aaron Prince
- Parker Wolford
- Patrick McDowell
- Clayton Ramey
- Manjinder Chahal
- Fabrice Desrivieres
- Richard Martin
- Jason Namako
- Jamie Baquerizo
- Sylvain Robichaud
- Dan Peck
- Jaylon Southam
- Brandon Shearer
- Steven Goodwin
- Jonathan Crowe
- Karl D
- Luis Semidey
- Steven Clements
- Kassidy Hayes
- Brian Plantz
- Mitchell Rudolph
- Michael Oberer
- Lucas Puryear
- Daniel Luke Eusden
- Mauricio Padilla
- Robert Nutt

Thanks again for being part of another special broadcast. We'll see you again next week during the Tokyo Game Show!

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cool, even i did not won anything yet


[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]


Thank you Gamespot! It feels good winning something that is Awesome.


I'm quite happy I won something. I haven't won anything since being in a contest for The Screen Savers at least 8 years ago


Disappointing. I was hoping I'd be one of the winners again so there'd be justice for GameSpot never sending me my Prize Bundle that I won for SvR 2010.