1914: The Great War update

JoWood's 3D turn-based strategy game set during World War I will soon ship in Germany.

German publisher JoWood Productions has announced that 1914: The Great War will start shipping in Germany this week. To commemorate the event, it has launched an official site for the 3D turn-based strategy game, which lets players choose to play as either an Allied or German officer in World War I.

The two campaigns include 15 missions each and follow the rise of the officers' careers. The game also incorporates some role-playing elements--the player's character wins medals for special accomplishments and the troops under the player's command will gain experience that carries over from one battle to the next. The game's multiplayer component will allow for competition between up to four players.

The German version of the 1914: The Great War is set to ship on August 9. An English-language version of the game is not currently on JoWood's release calendar.

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1914: The Great War

1914: The Great War