10 Tweetable Tips for Deadlight

The post-apocalyptic Northwest gets a little friendlier (well, less deadly) with these ten tips for Deadlight.

No matter how many different versions of the virtual zombie apocalypse you've experienced, there's always another one shambling along, waiting to make you abandon your car in the road and band together with a rag-tag group of other survivors. Deadlight is out now on Xbox Live Arcade, and we've jumped, shimmied, and all-out sprinted our way through to the end. On the way, we picked up some helpful combat tips and found some nifty secrets that'll help you get more out of this grim vision of the future. Read on, enjoy, and share!

Always keep an eye out for opportunities to stray off the beaten path. Memories and journal pages await! #DeadlightTips

Some bodies can be searched more than once. Watch for corpses that keep glowing after the first pass. #DeadlightTips

Get by zombies easily by yelling from an elevated spot, waiting for them to gather, then jumping over. #DeadlightTips

All of the IDs you find on bodies are the names of infamous murderers and serial killers. #DeadlightTips #KindOfSpooky

The Back button screen and the Select Scene menu show you how many collectibles remain on a given level. #DeadlightTips

There is one hidden handheld game per chapter in Deadlight. These retro delights are as incongruous as they are old-school, and you can grab some easy achievements by playing them. The next three tips tell you where to find 'em.

Find 1st handheld: From the ladder where you get the "RB to slide" tip, jump to the left and enter pipe. #DeadlightTips

Find 2nd handheld: Go under stadium, re-enter arena, jump up to the right. Get up to the rafters! #DeadlightTips

Find 3rd handheld: In enemy base, in 2nd bldg w/falling ceiling, leap from ramp to ladder. Drop to vent. #DeadlightTips

Increase stamina! Scene: Tree House. Enter 1st house, go through door on bottom floor and down ladder. #DeadlightTips

Increase health! Scene: Emergencies. Enter hospital, go through vent, into elevator shaft. Ground floor. #DeadlightTips

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Chris Watters

Chris enjoys aiming down virtual sights, traipsing through fantastical lands, and striving to be grossly incandescent.
Deadlight (2012)

Deadlight (2012)


Interesting that a game gets a 6.5 then a feature article.


Too bad this didn't come to the PC. :(


I was really, really turned off when I saw the name of Karla L. Homolka in this game, as a collectible. We're not speaking of a long dead murderer; she's very well alive and free. I think it's just gross and wrong. She murdered three people, including her own sister, and was released in 2005. She now lives happily with her new hubsand and kids on a warm beach of the Antilles. This is how justice rewards serial killers.

Chris_Watters staff

 @Fandango_Letho I ended up reading about her for the first time because of the ID I found. A chilling story and a bizarre follow-up that a reporter found her living with her family in the Caribbean. Having served her jail sentence, doesn't she deserve a chance to repent her sins and to try to be happy in her life? It's an interesting example, because I feel like we rarely hear about such dramatic murderers that have served their sentences and are apparently living normal lives.


 @Chris_Watters Karla's case was largely followed around my hometown, since I'm from Quebec, bordering on Ontario, and it was proven, numerous times, that she outright manipulated her way out. They even found evidence that contradicted her statements, but the judgement had already been given. That's why they called it the ''Deal with the Devil''. Because they allowed a serial killer to walk free. Does she deserve another try to be happy in her life? Ask this to the families of the victims she raped, tortured and murdered. Chris, we're not talking of someone who has been dead and buried for a while. We're talking of a 42 years old woman. I think that, from a moral standpoint, this is very wrong. But hey, it's just my opinion and sorry for my poor English.

Chris_Watters staff

 @Fandango_Letho Yeah, the Wikipedia article mentioned the "Deal with the Devil" thing, but I guess I didn't grasp how obviously twisted the whole process was. People serve longer sentences for less than she did, so I think that's probably why her freedom struck me as so strange. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, and your English is great!