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What Gamespot Users have to say about Art of Fighting

  • User Rating 9

    The greates hits ever made for a Super Nintendo, and also the best fighting game of the 90s

    Rated on June 12, 2007 by KaedeDiablo

    Ryu, Takuma and Yuri the Sakasaki family and a friend called Robert Garcia. The story begin with the kidnap of Yuri in certan strange situation and dangerous. You need to buld one of the two characte...

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  • User Rating 4.5

    As much as I love the great gameplay elements and graphics, this game has broken A.I and average two player: 1-2 K.O.

    Rated on June 22, 2007 by CenetaurmanE52

    Art of Fighting is said to be a really great game. I thought I could try it out, and when I played it, I wondered: How much crack did those people take? This game does have a couple advantages: It has...

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  • User Rating 7.4

    A very old school fighthing

    Rated on February 04, 2006 by regulesblade

    Art of Fighting is a very old school and contemporary fighthing game, but never the less it still holds up as a very entertaining fight game that would easily entertain any gamer who may want to play ...

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  • User Rating 7

    Art of Fighting was a decent fighting game with a few cool ideas.

    Rated on February 05, 2006 by OddballTECH

    Although this game does not compare with the Mortal Kombat series or the Street Fighter series, it is still a decent fighting game. In this game, there is a pretty good variety of characters, all of ...

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  • User Rating 8

    A DECENT fighting game that could have been better in a lot of ways!

    Rated on January 12, 2010 by 76850392

    This is my first game to review on the Super Nintendo system, alphabetically. I remember my family having another cookout and most of my cousins were there. They were in my room playing Art of Fightin...

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  • User Rating 6.5

    Some novel ideas that have been used since, but ultimately disappointing.

    Rated on October 02, 2008 by QualityApeMan

    Art of Fighting is a Beat-'em-up made by famous developers SNK. It stars Ryo Sakazaki as the main character, also a main staple of SNK games like the 'The King of Fighters' series. In this game Ryo, a...

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  • User Rating 8.5

    There's more strategy, skill, and dancing around your opponents in this game than any other fighting game before it.

    Rated on October 09, 2007 by Havraha

    If you downloaded Art of Fighting onto your Wii, the liklihood is you're either a long time fan, or you randomly picked between it and Fatal Fury based on descriptions. Yes, Neo Geo games are finally...

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  • User Rating 3

    Even though it's Audio/Visual Presentation are very good, Art of Fighting on the SNES is seriously hurt by Bad Controls.

    Rated on March 26, 2011 by GAME-QUEST-EX

    'ART OF FIGHTING' Genre: Versus Fighting Game Number of Players: 2 System: Super Nintendo Entertainment System (S.N.E.S) 'Art of Fighting' is a Copyrighted Trademark of: SNK Reprogrammed for ...

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  • User Rating 7.6

    Although Art of Fighting is lacking in the art portion, it still is a very good fighter.

    Rated on June 19, 2006 by silvercineplex

    Art of Fighting is a great fighting game and in my opinion even better than Mortal Kombat (One). The story isn't that original, it's really the fighting equivalent of Super Mario. Instead of Peach...

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  • User Rating 9.2

    Art of Fighting was perfection in the year 19 hundred and 92

    Rated on April 14, 2007 by wwonka666

    This game was far and away one of the best efforts of SNK before they decided to mix-mash all their fighters into one game and create King of Fighters. It featured state of the art graphics for 1992 ...

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