Game should worth a 8.5 or 9 but EA's lack of involvement makes it a 5....

User Rating: 5 | Army of Two: The 40th Day PS3
If youve played any 3rd person shooter you know how this game works. Get a gun, get in some cover, aim and shoot. Army of Two adds the well known co-op ability to "Revive your partner." This game does absolutely NOTHING to improve on the generic 3rd person shooter genre.


It seems that EA really just made this game for the Army of Two title and not because they had a good idea for the series. Game play is exactly what you would expect if you played the first Army of Two or even Gears of War co-op. It is very nice that you can import your custom masks into the story and they will show up in the cutscenes. They have a very deep weapon customization like theyve talked about but it really doesnt have much kick to it. A grave can be deep but theres not a damn this exciting about it. Single player alone is worth a rent.


This is really where I want to spend most of my gameplay (as I have) but it's too bad that this game was made by EA and their GARBAGE SERVERS. Unless you find a game with a good host or you'r the host yourself... expect to be yelling at the game for most of the game. EA has done nothing to fix the online play and by now it is just RIDICULOUS to realease a game nowadays and not even attempt to try and fix problems. If it seems like "Oh the guy is just crying"... I dare you try it online and find out for yourself. If you are willing to slug through the horrible lag this game may be worth a rent for the multiplayer.

Final Words... this game is worth only a rent. The extraction mode they save to trick you into preordering is a funless game mode that has no right in being in this game. Army of Two: The 40th Day is nothing but a Gears of War, Army of Two gimmick game that will be good online for a month at most without any updates.