A vast improvement over the first

User Rating: 9 | Army of Two: The 40th Day PS3
Army of two the 40th day without a doubt is an all around better one than the first, and continues the story of Salem and Rios in war torn Shanghai.

Story: Unlike the first one(which jumbled events around and was very confusing) Army of two the 40th day focuses on one location in real world Shanghai, China. After a routine mission in Shanghai goes terribly wrong and chaos erupts(building crumbling, missiles raining down, just absolute destruction) Salem and Rios must not only survive, but figure out the mastermind behind the whole ordeal.

Graphics: The graphics this time around are amazing, character models, buildings (overall environment) is absolutely amazing. whether its a zoo, hospital, or the side of a collapsing building. Army of two the 40th day graphics is a sight worth seeing.

Gameplay: In the gameplay department things haven't changed much, though its definitely not the same. new editions include the ability to mock surrender, tag enemies through your gps, apprehending and taking enemies as human shield etc. weapons customization this time around is more satisfying(not to mention fun). There is a good variety of weapons to choose from and most can be fitted with anything from a soda can suppressor to a screwdriver(how cool is that), which can effect your melee attacks. in addition to weapon parts and different camos, the ability to create your own mask and armor through the ea website is a great addition. The AI(both friendly and enemy) has improved. Enemies work more synchronized and go as much as healing each other, participating in step jump but can sometimes stand around waiting to be killed or clip into objects when you kill them, Although its not perfect its still an improvement. There are a couple of negatives, for one thing the campaign is rather short(seven chapters) depending on your difficulty. Expect 6-7 hours of gameplay on normal. Another is the ending(which I will not reveal). finally the cover system can be rather complicated to use at times, especially in the heat of battle.

Audio: The audio in AO2 is great. buildings exploding, the voice acting(hearing Nolan Norths voice is exciting ), gunfire, etc, are all amazing. It does not disappoint( neither does the humor).

Lasting appeal: As mentioned before the campaign is rather short 6-7 hours, but plenty to do after that including the multiplayer(which is very fun by the way). If your not interested in the MP, then its definitely a rental.

overall Army of two the 40th day surpasses the original with sheer firepower. The gameplay, audio, the story, the graphics, is all worth experiencing. If your a fan of the original, pick this up, if your not it still an adventure worth experiencing.