Army Men Cheats For Game Boy Color

  1. Level Passwords

    Please enter the following:

    Code Effect
    grenade, gun, copter, jeep 02
    jeep, copter, copter, jeep 03
    gun, grenade, gun, grenade 04
    gun, copter, jeep, gun 05
    grenade, grenade, copter, copter 06
    gun, jeep, gun, copter 07
    jeep, jeep, grenade, gun 08
    gun, plane, jeep, copter 09
    tank, copter, jeep, gun 10
    missle launcher, tank, copter, jeep 11
    gun, copter, tank, missle launcher 12
    gun, missle launcher, gun, copter 13
    missle launcher, missle launcher, grenade, gun 14
    copter, grenade, jeep, gun 15
    jeep, grenade launcher, gun, gun 16
    copter, jeep, grenade, plane 17
    plane, tank, missle launcher, jeep 18
    gun, tank, copter, jeep 19
    gun, missle launcher, plane, missle launcher 20
    missle launcher, grenade, missle launcher 21
    plane, gun, grenade, gun 22
    Plane, Tank, Plane, Machine Gun All Levels Unlocked
  2. Alpine: Construction Passwords

    Enter these level passwords:

    Code Effect
    Mortar, Plane, Machine Gun, Plane Secure Region
    Helicopter, Jeep, Grenade, Tank Get the Tank
    Machine Gun, Helicopter, Helicopter, Jeep Sack the Base
    Mortar, Helicopter, Machine Gun, Jeep Final Assualt
    Plane, Tank, Plane, Machine Gun Victory
  3. Alpine: Prison Camp Passwords

    Enter the following level passwords:

    Code Effect
    Machine Gun, Tank, Helicopter, Jeep Assualt Prep
    Machine Gun, Mortar, Plane, Mortar Assualt Start
    Mortar, Machine Gun, Grenade, Mortar Destroy Camp
    Machine Gun, Grenade, Machine Gun Escape
  4. Alpine: Winding River Passwords

    Enter the following level passwords:

    Code Effect
    Mortar, Mortar, Grenade, Machine Gun Patrol
    Helicopter, Grenade, Jeep, Machine Gun Defense
    Jeep, Mortar, Machine Gun, Machine Gun Radar Roundup
    Helicopter, Jeep, Grenade, Plane House Call
    Plane, Tank, Mortar, Jeep Movin' On
  5. Desert: Cactus Flats Passwords

    Enter the following level passwords.

    Code Effect
    Grenade, Machine Gun, Helicopter, Jeep Caution
    Jeep, Helicopter, Helicopter, Jeep En Route
    Machine Gun, Grenade, Machine Gun, Grenade Cleanup
  6. Desert: Casa Flats Passwords

    Enter the following level passwords.

    Code Effect
    Machine Gun, Helicopter, Jeep, Machine Gun Enter Town
    Grenade, Grenade, Helicopter, Helicopter To the Bank
    Machine Gun, Jeep, Machine Gun, Helicopter Stop the Tans
    Jeep, Jeep, Grenade, Machine Gun Tan's HQ
  7. Desert: Winding Canyon Passwords

    Enter the following level passwords.

    Code Effect
    Machine Gun, Plane, Jeep, Helicopter Find That Jeep
    Tank, Helicopter, Jeep, Machine Gun Clear Patrols
    Mortar, Tank, Helicopter, Jeep Clear the Radar
    Machine Gun, Helicopter, Tank, Mortar Play It Again
    Machine Gun, Mortar, Machine Gun, Helicopter To the Helipad
  8. Infinite Health and more...

    At the Main Menu, press: Up, Left, Right, Down, Left, Right.

    Code Effect
    A. Infinite Health
    Down, Up, Right, A. 2P Mode
    Up, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right. GBC VS NGPC movie

Army Men Cheats For PC

  1. Scenario Select

    At the opening menu, press A to access the first mission of each scenario.

  2. Cheat Codes

    While playing a game, press [Esc] to display the options menu. Then, type one of the following case-sensitive codes and click on ''Back'' button.

    Code Effect
    Triumph Win scenario
    Succumb Lose scenario
    Plethora Full ammo
    Occultation Stealth mode
    Invulnerable Invincible Sarge
    Telekinetic Teleport Sarge
    Kahuna Invincible sarge
    Omnisicient Toggle opponent view
    Pyromancer Toggle right button explosion
    Aeroballistics Full air support
    Paralysis Opponents paused