Armored Core Cheats For PlayStation

  1. Death Bonus

    When you die with a balance of -50,000 or more you should see some some lights in a hospital. The lights turn on and when it loads you get all the parts you had before you wrecked your AC and with no missions completed.

    Contributed by: TheEndArrived 

  2. Emblem as Wallpaper

    Go into the Edit Emblem screen and select the emblem you want as your wallpaper. Press and hold the L1, R1 and Select buttons. The emblem will now be tiled in the background.

    Contributed by: Malkav 

  3. Overweight/Not Enough Energy Override

    Code Effect
    100% completion Override the overweight and not enough energy conditions

    Contributed by: Troa Barton 

  4. Human Plus

    There are a total of 10 human plus upgrades that a player can obtain for negative debt incurred during game play. Amassing a debt of -50,000 credits or greater will result in a cut scene in which it is implied you have been selected to become a human plus pilot. Once the cut scene is over the game will restart with all missions undone, your credits at zero and you will have any parts in your garage that you purchased before reaching the debt limit. This can be done 8 times for a total of 8 upgrades. Each time the cut scene is the same so keep count. Once the game is completed with all missions done and all parts collected 2 more upgrades will become available.

    Code Effect
    Reach -50,000 credits 1st time. 1- Long range grid radar with or with out radar equipped head or back radar.
    Reach -50,000 credits 2nd time. 2- Missile and elevation indicators added to radar.
    Reach -50,000 credits 3rd time. 3- Slight increase in turning speed.
    Reach -50,000 credits 4th time. 4- Slight increase in moving speed.
    Reach -50,000 credits 5th time. 5- Increased Energy capacity.
    Reach -50,000 credits 6th time. 6- Reduced booster consumption.
    Reach -50,000 credits 7th time. 7- Fire back weapon while moving.
    Reach -50,000 credits 8th time 8- Fire energy wave from laser blade when dashing forward.
    Complete all missions and collect all parts for 100% completion. 9- AC can be built overweight.
    Complete all missions and collect all parts for 100% completion. 10- AC can be built with power used greater than power supplied.

    Contributed by: Lord_Dreagen 

  5. Codes

    Code Effect
    While playing press Circle + X + Start Fixed Camera
    In the garage, highlight ''Change AC Name." While holding L2 + R2 + Right, hold X and quickly hold Square. Change pilot name.
    While playing press Triangle + Square + Start First Person Mode

    Contributed by: Mike Truitt 

  6. Alternate Emblem Backgrounds

    Highlight an emblem and enter the edit screen. Then hold L1, L2, R1, R2, and press Select.

    Contributed by: freakunique 

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