new to the game here.

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hey if anyone wants to play multiplayer with me or teach me about armored core 5 my gamer tag is grim1100. btw I heard that the game doesn't have many players on it, is this true or would I be able to join a team and do some planned online stuff?
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Sorry dude but if you shit out of luck.  When I got it months ago I found it to be unplayable almost no players no mics or anything.


You are better off skipping this. I stick with the old games like armored core 2 and 3 which are infinitly better than the current gen ones. Better gameplay and story and well better customization and arena battles. armored core 4 sucked with the shield thing armor meant nothing, and the story sucked totally. Was pretty much a racing game the way it felt.


Not sure what they were thinking having an online only armored core game there cant be that many fans of the series that play this regularly to make this a feasable game.


I haven't played the old games in like years almost.