A game made only for the fans. Many people have ridiculed this game, and they might be right, but this is what I say...

User Rating: 8 | Armored Core: Last Raven PS2
Ever since Silent Line: Armored Core or Armored Core 3: Silent Line as most fans call it, the series have slowly turned from a fun game into a challenge. Everyone knows that the developers went over the line when they made the new "balances" in Armored Core Nexus, but they are now slowly fixing the problems starting with Armored Core: Last Raven. When the series started, Armored Core was solely a mech customization game, where you could just slap your favorite parts together into a robot that you saw fit. When the sequels came, they added more part types to help your robot fight better in combat, including the generator which limited the possibilities of customization. Then they came up with a radiator to go along with the generator, which made customizing even more of a challenge, but only to make building robots more than just slapping together any part you could find. In Armored Core Nexus, they toughened those exact challenges of building your robot, to make us more decisive when chosing parts. After many bad reviews, From Software undestood this and they went easier on the limits they made in customization. Last Raven hasn't made many changes in actual gameplay, but if you are a fan, getting this game would be worth it, because the current storyline of AC progresses in this game, and remakes of old AC parts from previous games become unlockable. You are also allowed to convert data from either Armored Core Nexus or Armored Core Ninebreaker mostly to get back parts, designs, and paint schemes that you've unlocked/made in the 2 games. Only if you have been playing Armored Core games for awhile (including Nexus), or are a skilled veteran of Armored Core, this game is right for you.