ARMA 3,worst Arma game ever.

User Rating: 1 | Arma III PC
Huh, what a mess.I thought ARMA 3 will freshen me with new things and quality , instead I saw that ARMA 3 was in fact very much the same as it was in ARMA 2.On the graphics was improved.Other than it, it seemed to me like I am playing ARMA 2. ARMA 3 lack major improvements , such as, weapon customization, environment affects etc.And the worst part is that, it has no campaigns.It is just a worthless game.It is the worst game of Bohemia Interactive.Next time, when they make another game, they should see the improvements needed in their games.Bad luck for them.ARMA 3 is bound to get negative ratings.It is certainly the worst ARMA game ever released.None may like playing a stupid game like ARMA 3.Abomination or detrimental or even abhorrent suits the word for a game like ARMA 3.Does anyone bother this game?