Will this game also have terrible voice overs?

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Every second I hear any voice/word in Arma II, I automatically get the same face expression -.-'

And sometimes even facepalms.. " i'm down, COORPMAAN!!!!!!!!!!. i'm down. "

" this. IS. sparta. "

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Well, from every video I've seen, they all had the same sort of old radio chatter. I still play ArmA 2 ACE everyday, even today.  It's just one of those things I can't stop playing. With ACE and ACE Clippi you can disable radio chatter from AI units so no audio is played, just text.  If you don't have already SIX updater, then here: https://dev-heaven.net/projects/six-arma-updater/files It will install your selected mods at the click of a button. If you're interested and need someone to step you through and answer your questions just PM me and i'll be glad to help. They are also working with ArmA3 so it's wise to get familiar with it.

Going back to your original question.  They may have made adjustments to "tone" of the voice overs and radio chatter, but if anything, they would have made the transitions better but kept everything else the same.

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I used to bothered by now I think it kind of adds to the charm of the game. Just really funny to hear jokes being done in those funny voices during the campaign and I just got used to it in the custom made missions."This is like a rave man!"

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yes, the bad voiceovers are definately in the game.