O' Bohemia, my Bohemia, thy Bohemia

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Exclusivity to PC seems such a drag, at least in mine sullied eyes. I have undying respect, admiration and devotion for the PC realm, but likewise I am forever a console fanatic. I realize that Bohemia has a bad taste in their mouth (to say the least) after the OPFPDR fiasco - yet that being understood and the guilty parties righteously vilified, to ostracize a legion of players, both virtually forged in such battles and those wholly uninitiated, is to slight the globe entire. Was the Operation Flashpoint Elite port to Xbox such a dire wound? Was the slow motion train wreck of Dragon Rising such an ultimate disaster? Surely, there must be a publisher somewhere who would not disparage the glory Bohemia Interactive could and has earnestly wrought! Surely!

Arghhh, the spurn of it all.



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Addendum: Furthermore, with regards to commerce, why alienate yourselves from the prospective profits? The subsequent barrage of ArmA enthusiasts that'd surely arise would provide a secure base to begin a dominating campaign upon future projects for whatever given platforms. My two cents - memento mori, carpe diem, etc.

----- Upon posting the above writing, with the included addendum, to the Bohemia Interactive boards, this was the response I got from a moderator known as W0lle.

"It's PC Exclusive because your xbox would explode if trying to run ArmA3. Heck not even the first ArmA would run on it.

Would you like to have OFP graphics back so your ancient xbox hardware can run it? For sure not.

Besides that, the forum rules you just agreed to (without reading obviously) clearly say:

§7) Search before posting

If you have a question, please use the forum search function before posting to make sure that it hasn't been answered before. There is a big chance it has, not only does searching help to keep the forum free of multiple threads it will also help you to get an answer much quicker.

§21) Use descriptive thread titles

If you start a new thread, please make sure your thread title explains what you want without forcing people to read through your post first.
Thread titles such as "How in the world do I...", "Need help!" or "Will we ever see..." are anything but descriptive. We do not allow these kind of titles and threads with such titles are subject to be closed. 

We had enough "we want arma3 on console" threads already.

It's not gonna happen, no matter how many more are created."


1. Graphics aren't my main point nor do I consider the major point overall. If they are for a developer, than the sands are shifting beneath their feet more rapidly than they realize.

2. I did read their forum 'rules'. I adhered to them.

3. I sent a venomous response directly back at the cretin. I have my resolve strengthened to the point of no return.

And so, I say again : O' Bohemia, my Bohemia, thy Bohemia

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What we have there is a mod executing a "reverse troll".

He's speaking on technical aspects and business decisions that are way over his head while more or less being a PC elitist. There is a barely-veiled jab at consoles and their users throughout his mini-diatribe.

I'm guessing he's personally fed up with those who come to his boards, pining away for a console port (which, btw, Bohemia has done in the past... so there is a precedent) but he should really keep his opinions to himself and attempt to be a little more professional. Also, it's a Bohemia board with maybe twenty to thirty active users at any time. Is he really that overwhelmed and swamped with all manner of trolls and double topics?

If there is a violation, kindly remind the user. If the topic is on the wrong board, move it to the correct one and tell the user why -- if the topic is wthout merit, it'll die on it's own.

Do not give opinions or antagonize users when enforcing or communicating.

It's really not that hard.

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I'm melting! I'm melting! Ohh, what a world, what a world!