Controls - keyboard only ?

#1 Posted by squidbilly22 (115 posts) -
is it still hundreds of buttons or will my xbox controller work ?,i didn't plat the last ARMA because I prefer a gamepad .
#2 Posted by JDFS (632 posts) -

FPS and simulations = keyboard and mouse, open your eyes, controllers are not made to play FPS let alone a simulation, enough said.

#3 Posted by MattVans (1080 posts) -

I prefer controller too. With controllers nowadays you can have over a dozen assignments to buttons and D-Pads where as before you were more limited.

I have used mouse and keyboard but sitting back in my chair with a controller in my lap is sooo much more comfortable. No controller option on a FPS or 3rdPS for me means I simply won't buy. Besides I like the Xbox controller esp' for sub £25.