Arma 3 Cheats For PC

  1. Steam Achievements

    Code Effect
    Episode Survive completed. You have survived the AAF attack and escaped Stratis. Tactical Withdrawal
    Epilogue B completed. You choose to escape Altis on your own. Every Man for Himself
    Epilogue A completed. NATO has accepted the AAF capitulation. Peacekeeper
    Episode Win completed. You have chosen your side in the final hour of the invasion. Question of Loyalty
    Episode Adapt completed. You have gained the trust of the FIA movement and prepared the way for a NATO invasion. Guerilla Warfare
    Started your first Arma 3 scenario - welcome! This is War
    Subscribed to a scenario on Steam Workshop. Subscriber
    Booted up the VR simulation for the first time. Virtual Reality
    Finished any official Time Trial. Start Your Engines
    Pinged your Zeus. Worshiper
    Completed the Bootcamp campaign. Get ready for your next deployment! First Deployment
    Saved a custom load-out in VR Arsenal. Lock and Load
    Finished any official Karts Time Trial without damage. Clean Race
    Finished any official Firing Drill. Competitive Shooter
    Died in any Bootcamp campaign scenario. If you see the flash, it's already too late ... K.I.A.
    Completed all official VR commanding courses. Virtual Command
    Placed any objective for players as Zeus. Hero's Journey
    Placed a total of 200 objects as Zeus across all scenarios. Godly Creations
    Completed all official VR training courses. Real Virtuality
    Tried any 5 official showcases. Showtime
    Hit every bonus target in any official Firing Drill with bonus targets. Bonus Targets
    Published a scenario to Steam Workshop. Contributor
    Killed by a player while remotely controlling a unit as Zeus. Scapegoat
    Played as Zeus for a total of 24 hours. Deity for a Day
    Finished any official Firing Drill without penalties (competitive rules). Clean Drill
    Spent over 100 hours creating and testing in the scenario editor. Relentless Creator
    Updated an existing Steam Workshop scenario to a newer version. Perfectionist
    Finished any official Karts Time Trial with an average speed of 85 kmph or more. Speed Demon
    Reacted to 5 player pings as a Zeus by using the control shortcut. Merciful God
    Earned the bronze medal in all official Firing Drills. Aspiring Sharpshooter
    Visited all official Faction Showcases to check out their weapons and vehicles on display. Meet and Greet
    Earned the bronze medal in all official Karts Time Trials. Aspiring Kart Racer
    Earned the gold medal in all official Firing Drills. Firing Drills Champion
    Passed all Bootcamp Zeus training stages as a recruit. Ready for Duty
    Guided your recruits through all Bootcamp Zeus training stages. Drill Instructor
    Earned the gold medal in all official Karts Time Trials. Formula Kart
    Completed all Bootcamp Zeus training stages without hurting yourself or others. Star Recruit
    Transported 10 groups of soldiers into battle without being killed in official Support multiplayer. Airbridge
    Completed all official Showcases. Showcasing
    Completed 10 medevac tasks in official Support multiplayer. Dust-Off

    Contributed by: Guard Master