ArmA 2 delivers an exciting venture into war time realism , but sadly is also the Donkey ride to getting to know your PC

User Rating: 2 | ArmA II PC
High end PC will deliver to you an awe inspiring fab-tabulous display of war realism and satisfying game play.
Although plagued with ERROR messages and bugs this was a huge let down. Out of the box faulty confirmed by secuROM the EXE. would not start the game and i'm not the only one, also patch issues made this a very upsetting journey, ERROR pixelshader pssssmAlpha1. could be your last ever fuse you blow... beware.

Whilst getting the game to work for the little time before i was disgruntled once again and booted to desktop, caused by my low end pc, which should run the game on low to normal,i managed 18 hrs of play. This game delivers real time performance and immersive excitment, team play is absolute a must on such missions as Longest day, halo sorties from the Aircraft carrier to the island by UH-60 or MV-22 osprey skimming the unique rendered ocean. first person mode gives you the aura of senses owing to a live situation bullets wistling past your ear, AI that will flank and move in to end your day. New features in motion blur - sprint whilst in crouch mode helps alot and reload whilst running, fence jumping adds to the fluid mechanics you need to pin your enemy down. Get a high end PC and you'll be in awe of a very well rendered and modeled game . Look out for those bugs.
This looks awesome.