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User Rating: 9.5 | ArmA II PC
ArmA 2 is great game, only reason I give 0.5 marks off is because initial game release had too many bugs and poor optimization, as well as the aircraft in the game behave too arcady and unrealisitic. The Ka-50 helicopter has a stationary in-built cannon, for example, but is inferior in game because the helicopter rotates and flies exactly like every other helicopter making the cannon almost useless. In real life, the helicopter can execute a turn 180 degrees within 1.6 seconds because of it's twin rotor blades, so the cannon can be targetted anywhere at anytime, plus the stationary position makes it much more accurate and protected. The planes ingame are too much like BF2 and is uncomfortable to pilot with mouse, but is good nonetheless. The landing positions are too forgiving also. But with mods, add-ons and patches this game is already a huge success and step forward from when it came out...only a little more than a month ago!