An intense, highly enjoyable action adventure with the best graphics you could ask for.

As I play this game through for the third time, this time my goal being to collect all the treasures I had missed, I realised that I've not played a game that is quite so loveable as Uncharted : Drakes Fortune in a long time. Everything about it screams quality, from the superb character animation, to the exquisite jungle/ruin surroundings, to the enjoyable storyline and characters. Naughty Dog certainly know how to make a well presented game.
Of course, none of this matters if the actual game is awful, but no worries, Uncharted delivers here too. The main thing you'll be doing in Uncharted is shooting pirates and leaping across ledges. This sounds rather unoriginal, but the game does it in a way that feels fresh and exciting. The shooting part of the game is similar to the cover-based system of Gears of War. You duck behind, say, a broken wall and you jump out from it and shoot off a couple shots before quickly ducking back down with fear of getting shot too many times in the face. It works very well, and is a lot more fun than what a usual 3rd person adventure game would probably have opted for.
The platforming part of the game is also great fun, mainly because of the fluid and realistic animation of the main character Drake. As you leap from ledge to ledge 300 feet above rocky waters, you feel like its actually happening because of how it is animated. This doesnt seem like it would seem too important, but it makes such a great impact on how you feel when you're playing. Overall, the platforming is exilirating and never gets old.
My only gripes toward this fantastic game would be that the twist in the story is very predictable, and that its possibly a little too short for an adventure game. Still, this is a must buy for any PS3 owner. An awesome exclusive game like this should definetely not be missed.

The Good - Lovely, lush graphics - Platforming is superb - Gunplay is great fun - Treasure hunting and skill points to get on with after you've completed it

The Bad - A little bit short - Story is predictable - Some rare and stupid glitches