Actually pretty good!.

User Rating: 8 | ArchLord PC
This game is actually pretty good.There is a grind to it but hey its a hardcore game and most ppl who really hate it are wow kiddies that like the easy button.It takes a long time to develope your character so when you see a decked out character riding around on there horse it acually means something not just another player as usual.You gotta work for it in this game.Graphics are good and episode 2 is coming soon wich will revamp pvp alot.The comminity is growing fast as well.Yea there is alot of bad hype surrouning this game but give it a shot and think for yourself cause reviews dont mean crap even mine.Especially when you are talking about gamespot.Dont ever let a gamespot review decide what games you try because I like almost every game they hate and have almost every game they love!.But thats just me.Anyways is you dont feel like getting ripped off monthly this is a real mmo with no monthly fee.However I must warn you it is a hard game with ppl killing you at ramdom in the world.Guild politics can get heated but it is about to get alot more interesting soon as well.If you like a challange with no monthly rip off try this game.If you like easy games and getting ripped off play WOW.