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What Gamespot Users have to say about ArchLord

  • User Rating 4

    It's a game...

    Rated on May 05, 2007 by Samslayer

    Archlord, disappointing. That's really all there is to say about it. The game itself has a very interesting idea, become the ruler of the game, the Archlord. This great idea was skwandered thought, by...

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  • User Rating 8

    I think GameSpot likes Pay to Play MMORPGs and gives poor rate to Free MMO games.

    Rated on April 01, 2008 by god_wotan

    I don't understend why GameSpot rated so low this game... It is not the best game but is still good. At start is a little boring because all you need to do is grind or takeing quests that are simple "...

    2 out of 6 found this review helpful.
  • User Rating 1.5

    No comment

    Rated on May 11, 2007 by Ser_Zim

    Bad is the nicest thing i can say about this game it is really really bad ok horrible the worst game i have ever played its a mmo with everything striped down to the barest minimum there it no nothing...

    4 out of 10 found this review helpful.
  • User Rating 6.5

    Not bad, now that it is free mmorpg.

    Rated on June 19, 2008 by doomwarrior235

    Archlord gpt a 2.7 on Game Spot, and not a whole lot of people play over here in the U S. So now the game is free to play. You can get this game right off Game Spot. Archlord does have a lot of go...

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  • User Rating 1.5

    wasnt much fun for me.

    Rated on April 12, 2008 by tobster12

    ok. i started playing this game around last decemberish and when i started i thought. this is great! but when reached lvl 27 i really got sick of it. because of how much lag there is and how many bug...

    0 out of 4 found this review helpful.
  • User Rating 7.5

    More good than bad.

    Rated on April 12, 2008 by chickenhide

    Gamespot is making the game sound horrible, when really, its not THAT bad. The game is very repeatative, I'm not going to lie, but the soundtrack and the game play itself makes up for it - truly. ...

    1 out of 2 found this review helpful.
  • User Rating 10

    The best alternative to a pay-to-play MMORPG. Why pay when Archlord is free and created by professionals!

    Rated on April 14, 2008 by Yeakisen

    Since Archlord has become free-to-play, one should compare this game to other free MMORPG's. Most free MMORPG's have many bugs, but that is not the case with Archlord. Archlord has outstanding graphic...

    1 out of 5 found this review helpful.
  • User Rating 1

    This game really falls short on fun and exciting.Bland and Dull are the only 2 words i can use to describe this game.

    Rated on April 21, 2008 by Ratatonic

    This game is terrible.I know they are trying to shy away from the"pay to play" but come on , at least pay to play games always add new content every month or so and are usually packed full of differen...

    2 out of 5 found this review helpful.
  • User Rating 9.7

    Hey you those who rate ArchLord with this dreadfull numbers read this!

    Rated on May 30, 2007 by net_mugger

    Have you really played this game a bit or you just write this review at your pathetic whim? Yes I'm pretty sure you haven't. Yes you can say this game has fewer classes and races than world of warcrf...

    9 out of 24 found this review helpful.
  • User Rating 9.9

    FREAKN AWSOME GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Rated on June 14, 2007 by PnSdPs

    the game might not have alot of choices for your character but its really fun and intersting while you play the game! Yes, there might be alot of grinding (BUT ISNT EVERY GAME A FREAKIN GRINDING GAME)...

    0 out of 14 found this review helpful.