Archer Maclean's Mercury is an addictive games that can give hours of entertainment and frustration all in one.

User Rating: 8.3 | Archer Maclean's Mercury PSP
Archer Maclean's Mercury has given me hours of entertainment with its great graphics and sounds. The game has many puzzling levels that requires quick thinking and a steady hand to play. The graphics are amazing, the way the blob of mercury that you have to get around the level looks and move, especilly when you mix two different colours together. All the level have a range of objects and elements that can make the level harder or easier in its own way, eg. paint shops change the colour of your mercury and teleporters that teleport you to another place on the level. With over 6 diffrent worlds and 72 levels Archer Maclean's Mercury is a great puzzle game that has and still will give me hours great game play and was well worth the money.