User Rating: 9 | Archer Maclean's Mercury PSP
This was the best puzzle game i have ever played and it was on PSP. This game totally amazing and it was a basic puzzle game. i mean WOW. ALthough you are just a blob that changes colour, it is highly addictive game and about the intelligency part that everyone says that you need for the game, it is TRUE! See, on the career of the game there is 6 worlds and everytime you go through the world they get harder, making this a just right game for 'difficulty'. some levels seem to be very tricky and seem impossible but i have finally completed the game, atlast. The thing that i worried about the game is that at the end of each world there is a boss level, which made me think that this level is going to very hard or hard, but in fact the levels before were harder than the actual boss level. ???. The graphics on the game is very good and that's why i gave it a '9', and when i was playing the game i couldnt see and errors or blank parts or even realistic parts on objects or the scenerio that made it not good. The sound was good and but i did'nt hear the music the much but that can be a good thing is well because the quiet music made me concentrate more on the game than listening to the music. it took me somewhere more than 10 hours i think, this is because i had like 3 very difficult levels that i got stuck but when you put your mind to it, it actually comes to sense on what you have to do and then you can complete the level. the controls are very easy to learn, there's i really can see to this except from that you are not actually controlling the ball, you are actually tilting the scenerio/platform ( just to let you knwo because some people that i know thought that you were actually controlling th ball, lol ) I think this would be a great game to get and if you can't get it yet but you can soon it is worth the wait. I can give tips/advice on this game or any game that is my playing list for PSP, so just message me!